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My breakthrough


08-06-2006 18:59:31

I read Dyer's "You Erroneous Zones," (actually I am 3/4 through it) and it has totally changed my perspective on everything. Learning that we are creatures of habit and that we have the power to control our own feelings and thoughts has been an amazing tool for me. This book has slapped me in the face with reality so hard that it spun me onto an alternate plain of reality...REALITY! Where I was living in my mind was so unhealthy and neurotic (as Dyer would say). I was immoblized in SO many ways. Awareness is such a beautiful thing if you embrace it. While the journey is just beginning for me and it will take much time to become who I really am (and always have been but just didn't know it), I am welcoming every step along the way to my emotional recovery. If I ever met Wayne Dyer I would kiss his face and thank him to no end. I actually FEEL different inside. Regardless of whether or not others have noticed my changes beginning, I actually feel different and I was in desperate need of a new perspective. I am walking tall, moving forward, and actually happy (not just acting happy). I feel good about myself and I don't feel guilty for ANY of it! My thanks again to Wayne Dyer.


12-06-2006 12:25:05

Welcome to the rest of your life! D


12-06-2006 12:36:11

You're so right. The hardest part (or so I thought) was becoming aware of everything. But I am finding the hard part now to be to stop, identify and behave how I *want* to in situations where I would previously turn to my neurosis.


12-06-2006 12:47:24

Whenever you feel passionate about something and blissful, that's a good sign that you're connected to the Source. But whenever you have thoughts that involve judgement, hatred, despair, envy, fear, worry or the like, you're NOT connected and your EGO is rearing it's ugly head! ) Just remember 'thoughts, not the world cause stress and anxiety'. When you identify any 'negative' thoughts or emotions ask yourself... "Do I feel good right now?"... if the answer is no, then tell yourself you want to feel good! Then shift to, I Intend to Feel Good! You might want to pick up Dr. Dyer's, "The Power Of Intention". It might help! )


12-06-2006 13:28:48

A friend actually loaned me the audio book of that one. I wish I could read all of his books (I probably will eventually). I just enjoyed Erroneous Zones so much that I was going to read it again! I definitely have issues with approval-seeking, dependency and guilt. It's hard to remember that guilt is something that others want you to feel. My family recently moved in with my sister and her family and we are trying to make the intentional community thing work. I am going through so much with our kiddos (nephew,3 and my daughter 15months) rivalry and my sister and I disagreeing on how to help them through it. Plus my sister is 34 weeks pregnant, I just had a miscarriage, lots of hormones floating around in this house LOL. For like 6 years my sister assumed the maternal role for me and she and her hubby basically provided all of my care. Once I turned 19 I was out and it's just been hard for her to let go of her need to still mother me. I get dirty looks for eating take-out and grilled about whether or not I'm going to have bill money everytime I spend money on something that isn't a necessity. I get so frustrated! I want to be happy. I cannot control anyone else or change how they view me or feel about me. But a HUGE part of me still cares so much about what they think that I find myself lying to prevent confrontation and things of that nature. Still so far to go. But hey, at least I am aware, right? LOL


16-06-2006 12:58:03

Simply put, "Families are tough"! I often start my day with, "I love my family! They don't see things my way, but I don't expect them to. I'm totally focues on my own intentions and I send them my love." We cannot...and I stress cannot... change what other people think. We can live our lives and hopefully inspire others in the process but what's more important is that WE are aligned with our Creator. Ask yourself, what will it take to make me happy. Sometimes the answer to that is met with EGO dominated repsonses like, "Yea right, like that'll ever happen". Follow your heart... LOVE your family despite your differences... but you're not responsible for them...only for you. If you choose to do for them... do it with love without any thought of what you're getting in return. If you choose not to do for them... send them your love and live your own life's purpose. That in itself could be inspiration for your family members! Just remember... You are Divine Creation capable of thinking like your Creator. Always substitute love and kindness for feelings of inadequacy. It IS your choice.


28-06-2006 19:20:04

"We cannot...and I stress cannot... change what other people think"

This has been one of the hardest things for me to accept. I've actually done something (many find quite strange) to prove to myself that not only can I not change what others think, but that I won't let how others feel about me affect my life negatively. SO here's what I did as an outward sign of *I don't care what you think* I quit shaving my legs! It's been 2months now and while I realize that I will shave them again one day, it has been SO liberating! I know, sounds weird, but I am a *doer* and just telling myself *what they think doesn't matter* wasn't cutting it for me. And when asked why I haven't shaved I say it's to prove to something to myself, which is often followed by the question "what?" and I let em' know, PROUDLY-"That I don't care what *you* think." (And by you I mean you as a whole not the individual person)

"If you choose to do for them... do it with love without any thought of what you're getting in return"

I've been using this strategy since I read your post (like 2 weeks ago?) and MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE! You definitely offered some great strategies to me and I want to thank you very much! Since I read your post the living situation here has become MUCH more *doable.* I also have been refocusing on the Anger section of Erroneous Zones. THAT IS A WOWZER! I've turned SO many situations into little nothings and even LAUGHED instead of getting angry. I needed that LOL