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How do you find your God-ness everyday? Come here & tell


14-01-2006 22:02:29

I had the desire to start a thread here on these forums for everyone to jot down how they find their god-ness on a day-to-day level as a way to reflect on how far they are coming along on the spiritual journey. (inspired by Wayne's teachings of course...)

I'd love to hear your stories so don't hesitate. All are MOST WELCOME!!

Well, I'll start by saying that ever since reading Wayne's material, I'm more forgiving of the people around me especially my boss who I can tell hasn't awoken. The daily 'grind' of work and constant complaining on his end to me (me being the official listening post for all his grouchiness) has taught me to constantly preserve my energies in the name of peace. I'm more attentive to my energy levels on a minute-by-minute basis.

The next way I have found god-ness is by helping mere strangers on the street. I used to be a very closed off person and quite judgemental and reeking of negative energy and bursting into anger all the time, but now I realise God/Goddess is showing me his/her face every day in all sorts of forms (including my grouchy boss)...

Patience is certainly a virtue and I'm discovering it day by day in the name of love and peace. SHALOM!!! D

All my love,

forever young

24-02-2006 11:48:08

Well I think for me it starts with a constant desire to improve on every level. I don't seek perfection, I seek progression. I'm far from perfect and have much to learn but I awake each day with a genuine desire to move onward and upward.

I want to learn something new everyday and I think I do just that most days. I'm on a mission to be in the absolute best shape of my life in every area, physically, mentally and spiritually. I eat as pure and as clean as I possibly can. I challenge myself pysically with various workouts etc. These 2 areas alone create a strong connection to the soul as I progress. I certainly spend quiet time contemplating/meditating.

This is certainly a very vague summary of my methods and one may read this and think that it appears self serving and little else. But remember, it all starts inside of you. If you aren't well on the inside there is zero chance of being well on the outside. By well I mean in all 3 areas. Treat yourself well in those areas and it just flows through you in ways that you would never guess.

But it all starts inside and with a thought. We are who we think we are. Plus our world is what we think. If you aren't at peace and aren't truely happy it's because you are living at odds with your soul. Get healthy in all areas and the rest is easy.

Peace and love,



26-02-2006 13:07:02

Good Topic.

I would say it starts out with the almighty intention; whether I stub my toe in the morning or roll out of bed feeling great, my intention doesn't waiver. From stubbing my toe (which happens more often because of my big feet) I will find that I have the choice to become disconnected or stay the path, or I could just move that end table. I find God-ness by staying in touch with my baby son Aiden. Looking deep into his non judgmental eyes and accepting all his beautiful smiles. He is the way to Love, for he is Love and pure Intention. Hugging my wife and remembering why I chose to be in this relationship with her keeps me connected, even when it's not so easy to do. Communicating with individuals like you that share common Spiritual and Earthly goals assists me in feeling close to the Source, as I wouldn't be here otherwise.


02-03-2006 14:53:53

I can answer this simply. It's knowing that God's devine power is guiding us at all time. The good is there for us to enjoy, the bad (or that which we think is bad) is there for us to either learn and grow from, or to wake us a bit when our ego's begin to try to take over.
I also believe when Wayne Dyer says "stay in a constant state of awe". I see every little thing, starting out in the morning with a good nights rest, a good breakfast, the sunrise, ect., ect., as a wonderful blessing. I'm in constant awe of it all.


02-03-2006 21:32:06

I find mine by remembering that I am connected and a part of spirit. By doing my spiritual practices every day, whether it is reading something spiritual, meditating, walking in nature...God is everywhere, within us, all around us. I think if you are mindful of that, then no matter what you are doing during the day, you are connected.