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Manifested trip 2 New Zealand & other great manifest sto


25-09-2005 10:04:55

Well guys! I've experienced a sort of breakthrough, if you want to call it that! I manifested a trip to NZ and am flying off next month for 6 days. I've always wanted to visit NZ to see if it's a great place for my retirement so this trip will tell me if it's a go or not!

Boogie, boogie! D

chris knight

27-09-2005 07:41:20


I've been to Aussie land, but never made it further down under...

Do give us a trip report when you return.



01-12-2005 11:02:46

Thanks Chris!

I think you'll lvoe good ole NZ! Winds were foul in the sense that they never stopped blowing the entire time I was there and the heat and the cold jostled and wrestled each other to the ground every five minutes as rain and sunshine competed for victory. The sheer strength of the winds gave us fast-forwarded time-lapsing clouds that would make any photographer like me swoon!

The land was ripe with abundance and rich green soil. Indeed it made me give thanks to all that wealth! And one of the things I like about NZ and the Kiwis is that they respect the land without doing too much new development and living healthy unpolluted lifestyles; something the rest of us should take our environmental cues from.

I enjoyed Auckland and I enjoyed my visit to the offshore residential island of Davenport which can be viewed all in a day. I took time out to enjoy a scrumptious buffet at a homemade NZ restaurant that was just by the beach and had amagnificient view of one of NZ's youngest volcanic islands, Rotorunga Island which is a national park reserve.

All in all, I daydreamed, took nature photos that were totally amazing to my eye and drew in the spring air wholeheartedly with every breath I took. Definitely a must-see for all travel freaks. I'll definitely find my way there again.

Next year, I'm taking a 10-day hike in Nepal. And that'll be the manifestation of my second dream! Wish me luck! D

Thank YOU Uni!


14-05-2006 10:04:27

My ability to manifest delights and surprises me everytime.

Recently I manifested a super-job that allows me to take my career to the next level and more delightful still was that I was stumped at moving to a place which I can only dream about!

See, in Singapore, 99% of the population live in high-rise flats. And I hate flat living. I like living in a landed property with my feet literally on the ground. Plus the place I moved into 2 months back was cramped and noisy as the landlady had her son and daughter-in-law and their kids in there so in short, it was pretty dreadful coming home and finding so many people there making noise. So I decided 2 months back that this would just be a temporary place and that my trusty Life Manager (Uni, god or whatever) had to be called on to find a place for me.

Well, well...a week later when I had started working in this place, a 62 year old single lady had joined the company as part of our admin dept and we got along pretty well. Me cracking jokes at the office to ease tensions and all...but along the way, I happened to casually complain..*haha!* that I hated the current place I was living because of the above conditions and 3 weeks later (a month ago), this lady offers me a room at her HOUSE! Which is really a stroke of awesome luck since it's difficult to find a place in Singapore for that price and at a house too!

I went to see the place 2 weeks back and I simply loved it! I couldn't believe how lucky I was! And I smiled all the way back on the bus journey home. Am I lucky or what?

So I've decided that I have more problems that I'm handing over to my Life Manager to settle because he/she knows best!

I'm a prime example of how Uni works its miracles and all it takes is trust and letting go. Amaaaaazingggg!