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Harvey Shortz

20-07-2005 19:44:10

Gee I was feeling a little down on my walk to the post office the other day, then I started thinking about Wayne Dyer's book The Power of Intention.

I started thinking how everything was energy as am I. That I was connected to everything. That prosperity was coming to me etc. Then as I walked an elderly lady came at me from the opposite direction and was headed right at me. At first I thought "Gee why don't you just take the whole sidewalk" but then I remembered the faces of intention and just "kindly" let her have the room she must have needed.

Anyway she sent me in another direction and I found myself off the sidewalk walking in an abandoned lot with broken glass etc. then suddenly I looked down and found a hundred bill.

I'm sure had I not been kind and insisted on holding my ground that never would have happened. Just a little lesson from the Universe and of course my Great friend Wayne, THANKS!