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What is your Wayne Dyer breakthrough?

chris knight

19-04-2004 11:20:18

What is your biggest Wayne Dyer-inspired breakthough?

For me, perhaps it was discovering how to listen to my inner spirit, my inner guide and how to be at peace with myself so that I can be at peace with others. I think I also learned how to live a greater portion of my life "authentically" by appreciating others even if I don't agree with them.

Now it's your turn to tell us what benefit you received from teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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20-04-2004 10:02:28

I began reading Dr. Dyer's books in 1977, and have read almost every one. He saved my life!! I was going through some very troubled times, and reading "Pulling your own strings", and "Gifts from Eykis" changed my perspective, and therefore my life. I have a number of tape / CD series, and listen to them frequently!! I have shared them with friends - whose lives have also been impacted!
Dr. Dyer is a gift to everyone!

Fair Raven

21-04-2004 18:59:08

I was first introduce by Dr. Dyer's books by my mother about 5 years ago. Although the last 5 years have been challenging, his insights have really help me gain perspective. My favorite so far is "Manifest your Destiny." I learned from reading that, that love is not something to be feared and your are not your past. I'm reading his new one now "Power of Intention". I will be attending his seminar on Friday 23, in Seattle. Be sure to say hello to me if your there!


24-04-2004 08:43:37

The most profound book I've ever read, the one that really turned it around for me was Wayne's You'll See It When You Believe It. For me that book really captures the essence of his message you are what you think about. That simple message has turned me from a scared, unconfident person to a very successful, happy, appreciative and confident human being.

Thank you Wayne for all your words of wisdom.

Rick Bettencourt


26-04-2004 02:52:01

The most profound book I've ever read, the one that really turned it around for me was Wayne's You'll See It When You Believe It. For me that book really captures the essence of his message you are what you think about. That simple message has turned me from a scared, unconfident person to a very successful, happy, appreciative and confident human being.

Thank you Wayne for all your words of wisdom.

Rick Bettencourthello i am new here i have never read a book because i have suffered all my life with add.
now for some strange reason i have been seeing the numbers 1111 and how ironic i turned tv on and this number appears on the screen 1800- and the last four numbers were 1111 i knew this was a message .
so i continued to watch sure enough it was wayne dyer in boston.
i proceded to watch wow! was i amazed this was surely a message from god to smarten up and get moving.
i was moved by his words and message,for i have been in terrible realations with men and my disorder made me feel stupid. i have a 6 year old daughter with autism and her father is in jail and he has terrible temper problem with developed into abuse.
so i really felt this amazing breeze up my spine watching his lecture in boston and i will continue with all good faith in this challenging life.
thanks for listening.
email is..... pampam02169@aol.com
share your thoughts about this matter.


30-04-2004 19:51:41

Hello everyone!
It's hard to pinpoint a breakthrough moment for me...I read Your Erroneous Zones at age 10, and kept reading him on and off ever since!

But as most of you know, he has grown and changed so much since his first book, and I have not always grown and changed at the same pace. However, his books have always "reappeared" in my life when I seemed to be needing some new food for thought.

I guess I could say there have been many breakthroughs, then. Every time I've read or heard something from him that resonated with the truth my soul knew but couldn't articulate, I consider it a breakthrough!

First post for me, hope to get to know you! )


Carolyn Ann O'Riley

05-05-2004 22:17:21

I've been reading and listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer for years and have been working with his latest "The Power of Intention".

This particular topic has been quite timely for me and has provided one trigger of remembrance after another.

The material speaks to me on many different levels and confirms many things my knowing has been showing me.

I am so very greatful Dr. Dyer for your presence and thank God for sharing you with me.

I Channel Archangel Michael and channel a monthly message. ARchangel Michael and I have now written 12 books together. Your own work with channeling has assisted me in working through some of the stigma and self respect issues that surfaced due to "doing" and "being" out side the box if you will. You have helped me find my courage through your many works. I am so gratefulD


12-05-2004 00:14:43

i've studied psychology in college and my biggest analysis of him was that he had been abandoned by his father...in freudian analogy, if a kid is not given the attention from his father (like WD), the kid starts to lose trust in GOD since to the kid, the father is the analogy of what he must be...like God...

so what happened...wayne dyer repressed his anger for YEARS...had dreams of beating and physically punishing his dad until his dad was suffering...this was in Wayne Dyer's dreams...and i've heard from him personally through his audio tapes...i'm not here to bash WD but trying to give you the perspective from someone who has seen many of his works (audio cds, books, etc)...

plus, WD talks very arrognatly about himself reaching a higher level...when i hear him speak, i feel bad for him because he tries so hard to live up to that message...but contradictions happen to him and his friend deepak (getting lawsuits everytime these days)...

basically, i am fed up with the new age industry leaders...guys like wayne dyer and deepak chopra...i no longer trust their advice...i now believe in the words of christ...his teachings are the real deal...start from John...plus in my opinion, the best book on psychology is the bible...you get to know yourself and life in that ONE book...not having to spend money over and over again...

wayne dyer teaches people what THEY want to hear...wayne dyer makes money because of THAT...i am starting to question this guy because not only has he had much drug problems while he was teaching others the truth of life....now what is that!?!?

i don't know...it's scary how so many people listen to him when i now see him teaching the devil's message...personal-development for power is a devil's message...remember compared to the REAL GOD, we are all sheep...including wd...wd's message is shaky...very shaky...he rarely talks about christ except for his own use about when christ talked about the power of god is within you yada yada yada...come on WD...reveal your true self...

i have a feeling he might go to hell if there is one...he keeps saying there isn't...but READ the words of the bible...i think he did and i think a lot of people did but when they read, they filter out things...just like when guys to girls, they filter out the ugly girls and forget to consciously see their faces....people see whatever they want to see...and that's what's going on with WD...he teaches same concept of you are god and you can manifest it...you can...he is right...because EVERYONE has the power...

but that power is dangerous when you reach a certain level...too obsessive...and i think WD facilitates that...if you know what i mean....

that's all i got to say for now...

chris knight

12-05-2004 05:28:44

A few friendly points

1) Dyer doesn't expect you to take his judgement over yours. Why not just take the best lessons and leave the rest on the table for someone else who needs it.

2) Your statement about how "personal-development for power is a devil's message" is a stretch. It's not about "power" over others -- it is about power over directing and controlling yourself.

3) It is easy to post ones thoughts when done anonymously. While I appreciate that you are a member of this discussion board, I'd prefer any future attacks on Dyer's character to be done with full disclosure as to who you are and with proper sentence capitalization. )


17-05-2004 22:25:44

I just registered, and I am new to this forum. Thank you for providing it.

The first time I read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, I believe it was titled "Your erroneous zones", was in the 70's, in Spanish. It has helped me tremendously, back then, to feel good about myself and get peace with me.

I was raised by parents who did not want to have daughters, only sons, and I happen to be the firstborn, and a girl. I have two brothers, younger than I am. I could never do anything right, even if it was right; whatever bad happened was my fault, even if I didn't even know what? had happened. I was told that I was ugly and "worth less tha a kitchen rag". When I graduated from High School and was celebrated by the Lions, the Kiwanis and the Rotary Clubs as the best student graduating from HS in the whole city of about 5 million inhabitants (we lived in South America) back then, I was told by my parents that that meant nothing, just because some teachers gave me high grades.
I was kicked out of my home when I was 18 without a penny, because I had fallen in love with a man 7 years older than I was. This man was my "rescuer", he sent me off to Europe and helped me get a job with an International Broadcasting system.

I was the shyest, most bashful and insecure person you can imagine! Painted a whole lot of make-up on my face to be "beautiful" or at least acceptable.

Then, somebody gave me Dr Dyer's book, and since I have always been an avid reader, I read it in no time.

Big discovery! I was "normal", whatever my parents did to me was not my fault!

Pretty soon I evolved from a very shy person to a quite assertive person! And over the years I have become more and more assertive and very secure of myself, without becoming conceited or arrogant.

I am very grateful to Dr. Wayne Dyer, and have told numerous people, all over the world, about him, especially people who were struggling with problems similar to the ones I had as an 18 - 19 year old.

Ladybug D


25-06-2004 10:09:23

GoldMin3 - If I were to judge you based on your response, I would be seeing myself in you, so I will not attempt to judge! If I would observe you from your writing, I would see a very angry person - anger is nothing more than fear - and fear causes confusion among other things.

Your comments about "a kid not given the attention from father, the kid starts to lose trust in God" stared at me. I am the product of not having a father most of my life - from age 5 on. So I can show you that you "analogy" is not true.

Your perspective of what you believed you heard on Dyer's tapes is interesting, but perhaps your mind was already closed before you ever listened to Wayne?

The advice given by "new age industry leaders" is only advice if you are looking for advice. I read many authors and I take from them what I believe I need at the time, and leave the rest. I seldom agree with all that is written by any one of them. Their words are simply there for me to take and use if I so choose.

If you truly have read Dyer, then you will know that this man quotes Jesus very often, and he even quotes the Bible as well. The Bible, for me, is nothing more than a book of tales about the Jewish people and their history. The teachings of Jesus have come down to us from many sources.

There is never a reason for you or anyone to "spend money" on books unless you have chosen to do so. And you do that for a variety of reasons, the main one I believe, is because you are supposed to have that book. Now you may fight what the book offers you, because you may be frightened of truth, but nonetheless, you buy the book.

Dyer teaches nothing that we already do not know - he gives us ways of remembering all that we have forgotten.

He does tell us that we are God as do many teachers. He does tell us that we have within us all that God has. He does tell us that we are created in the image and likeness of God, which is not this body. He does tell us all of this, but we have a choice as to believe him or not. Just as you have a choice as to whether the Bible is the only truth.

So I see you as a person living in a fear that you may make a wrong choice and pay for it. Did you ever realize that if you make a wrong choice and we all do, that you can simply make another? That concept is in Wayne's books and many others as well. We can forgive ourselves for the thoughts we hold within our mind.

I send you the love we all are - the unconditional Love of which we are created - the same Love that God is. Try to see God not as a "Father" figure, but see God wherever you look in your world. God is looking back at you from every sight. Can you see God in your brother?

Namaste - Ron


28-06-2004 12:27:01

My Wayne Dyer breakthrough is quite amazing. When reading,"there is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" I fell apon the meditation chapter and it recommended reading "Manifesting Your Destiny" which I then read.I followed the instructions and Voila. I received not only what I asked for but even those hidden things which I wanted but didn't think important enough to ask for. I was 39 and single and asked for my soulmate, which I got. I asked for a beautiful appartment with a sunset view, which I got, quite by surprise. I asked for health and success,. I was in terrific health but did not feel as great as I thought I should. I miraculously found a doctor to recognize that I had had a thyroid problem and put me on the proper medication and feel terrific now and I asked for success. 3 and a half years later, I have my own business with great financial partners and the soulmate is my business partner and fiance and an incredibly talented jewelry desinger., We now have our own jewelry business and my life, which was pretty great to begin with now incompasses everything I could ever want. In fact, I even received a terrific perk! I had seen a location for my jewelry studio/ living space with a terrific view. I really wanted it but it was too small for both! I couldn't forget it and and thought about it often. I took another, larger living space in the same building. Later on, I needed to find a jewelry studio because we had out grown doing it in our home and Voila! One of my friends came up to me to let me know the appartment I had wanted was available for sublet! My life has been one miracle after another since I started to meditate. Although this is a brief summary of all that has happened, there has been far too much for it to be coincidence. Sometimes people feel that they need a little proof that it works before they invest so much time! Well, hopefully this will provide those in need of reassurance that it really works. However, I must add that the greatest gift of meditation is really understanding and feeling the grace of God in our life and how much that connection helps whatever that God or higher power is as each of us percieve it to be. The help in daily decisions to life changing decisions is remarkable. Good luck to all who are making this a part of their life. God bless you as I am sure he/she already has!


04-07-2004 15:30:33

I have only recently been introduced to the works of Dr. Dyer. My story is a long one, so let me just say here that what 20+ years of psychotherapy could not do, Dr. Dyer did with a couple of books and audio CDs. I'm not a master at any of the things Dr. Dyer advocates. But I have been trying with a good heart. In the last few months I have seen prosperity and happiness and peace that I never believed possible.

Cindy McAllister


07-07-2004 17:57:08

While I read several books of Dr. Dyer in the last 2 decades, the one that helped me most and instantaneously with its magic touch is "Your Sacred Self". For a month after my sister passed away tragically at a young age, I had no sleep. I felt miserable despite having a loving husband and two wonderful boys under the age of 5.

In one of my deepest depressing moments, I went to Barnes and Nobel hoping to browse through some book that might give me a little solace. As I stepped in, on the first table in the center aisle lay about 12- 15 copies of this book - hard bound editions - on sale. I am not kidding - they were 75% off and I have no clue why! So I did not take the usual time I take to even browse through before buying. I bought it and rushed home. In less than an hour, a sudden peace swept through me. I had no trouble sleeping after that. And whenever the sadness crept in, I had to only hold the book.

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Dyer after that.

To this day, I think that one time sale of a WD book was to give me instant peace. I was and am so blessed. I have read all his books from 'Your Erroneous Zones' to 'The Power of Intention'. I am forever grateful to this great man.


09-07-2004 21:56:47

Wayne Dyer often quotes the prayer by Saint Francis of Assissi that says, "Where there is hatred, let me sow love." He talks about learning to return love in response to hate.

I recently had the opportunity to apply this concept when my relationship with my youngest stepson totally deteriorated to bitter resentment. He was being so hateful and so unkind, and so disrespectful that I found my self with hurt, angry, upset feelings towards him virtually all of the time. And I was responding to him in hurtful, angry, resentful ways. Which, of course, just perpetuated the cycle. At that time, I was listening to some of Wayne Dyers audio CDs where he talked about sending love in response to hate. So I started doing it with Jeremy. Oh it wasn't easy at first. And I wasn't always good at it. But gradually things began to turn around. Both of our lives are much more peaceful now. And our relationship is on a better path, although he is, still, afterall, a teenager. But most importantly, I'm a better person than I used to be. I guess I could say that my stepson is one of my greatest teachers. (As WD would put it) He gave me the opportunity to learn to give love in response to hate. And for that, I am very grateful. Thank you, Jeremy.


13-07-2004 12:38:36

I have been in the wrost flunk lately. And manifesting negative conditions in response to this. I KNOW I've been doing it!

I was reading down this thread- topic and it's so inspiriting! Marisa, your post, especially. Thank you for sharing and reminding me it can and does really work. I have the books REAL MAGIC, YOU'LL SEE IT WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT, and MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY. (also now reading THE POWER OF INTENTION.) I've been reading Wayne's books since YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES and THE SKY'S THE LIMIT. When I read them I get all into it and psyched up about it, and then it kind of drifts away.

One of the books, I remember from a tape (I think MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY) he suggests planning a day of unconditional love, and that night reviewing the day and see how it went, how you feel, etc. And planning another one. I tried this a few times, adding "uncondtional giving and accepting" to it, and it DID work. I even wrote down my results every night. I never seemed to make it through the 2nd or 3rd day, and apparently forgot all about it. Weeks or months later I would remember it!

If this is from MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY maybe that is the topic to put this in, and we can join in helping each other remember it?

Anyway, the times I have got into doing this and feeling loving and positive, etc. I have seen it work. Why don't I just do this all the time?

I think I judge myself about this, because it doesn't seem like I am doing it. I get bogged down and overwhelmed by negative or lack (which then creates more). Like quicksand. It's easier to feel good and positive when you have food in the house and the bills paid.

Which is why it's so good to have a group to come to to join and share.

I think there is another page in this thread I haven't read yet. I don't know if this fits with "Wayne Dyer inspired breakthrough" but it might just be one RIGHT NOW- as I write.

I don't want to feel negative and lacking and create this as my reality any more!

On one of the tapes Wayne gives a sound meditation that I have tried at times, too, and the little I've done it, (remembered it) it works. Just that I have other people living here, so most of the time I can't sit and meditate and make AWWWWWWW getting lounder and louder!

Has anyone done this and gotten results? I'm going to read the other threads on this board and keep the focus on being inspired and sharing in a positive way. Elsewhere here there's a topic here about not being around negative people, and I wrote that this is coming from our own mind. Like seeing people as negative or positive. But, if I can't get myself into a stronger, higher energy, positive place, it probably isn't good to try and be that way around people I don't feel are like that. Not that it's them, but me. For example, I feel this board is positive energy. Whether it's my belief in this or not, it's still how it is for me (at the time).

The times I've tried the meditation (when I remember it when I'm here alone- )I have gotten into a nice drifting feeling from it. The dog climbs up on me and tries to kiss me (thinking something is wrong) and the cats also climb on me, wondering why I am making that sound over and over.

I once wrote on another group about a problem I was having with money and checks bouncing (etc) and someone wrote to just think "it will all work out". This, in a way has a good vibe positive feel to it. Centering.

There's also "be happy and focus" (on what I want)

And, tying in with people who have shifted and are living a better life because of it. I really believe it, and any time I have managed to get into it (aligned with it) I've seen it work!

Stay in joyfulness and every detail of your life will be handled perfectly.

The internet has such great potential for things like this. Joining and sharing.

~ Carrie


13-07-2004 15:39:08

I appreciate you are saying how you think and feel about this. And I don't think Wayne (or Deepak Chopra) would be hurt by it. They'd probably appreciate you saying how you feel, too.

But, if you feel this way, why are you participating on a Wayne Dyer discussion board?

While I read your post I thought "so go write on someplace where they share your beliefs about the new age, the devil and people making money from this (as you see it).

I'm sure there are worse ways of making a living than helping people feel better about themselves and have a better life.

Actually, I'm pretty sure Wayne Dyer, himself has a PhD in psychology and Chopra is a Medical Doctor.

They probably have more actual credentials than Dr. Phil.

~ Carrie


14-07-2004 17:34:18


14-07-2004 17:37:00

karen w

22-08-2004 15:26:24

I saw part of the PBS special and was just so intriqued by what Dyer had to say. I saw the abundance part a couple of times and wanted to know more. I finally plegded $365 to PBS to get the "whole enchilada." That's been the best money I have spent in years! I have seen Dyer's books for years, but I always thought for some reason that he was some conservative Jesus freak. I couldn't have been more wrong. My life has truly changed since reading The Power of Intention. I'm not sure anyone has noticed a change in me, but I am truly a different person with a much more positive outlook on life. I still have a long ways to go, but life is a process. I am having a difficult time with the resistant thought of not finding a mate in my life. I have manifested some great things the past few months, but this mate thing is very difficult for me to believe will actually happen. I guess I'm afraid to be disappointed. I guess I can either be disappointed all the time or life with the positive mindset that I will manifest the right person in my life.

Thanks for this discussion board.


11-09-2004 19:21:40

Hello Everyone,

My big breakthrough came when I thought to myself there has to be more in life then this.

This was at a time I was working a job I hated beyond words, a job that required me to lie to people to maintain my employment. I was miserable the entire time.

One day I started telling the truth at work and knew I would be fired soon after. However I did feel GREAT to do that!

I drove the 30 miles home and pulled over to the shoulder to watch some red tail hawks flying high above.

I instantly felt this incredible bliss, peace and that everything was right in the Universe. Though I had no job and no prospects. I said to the Universe if there's more this pathetic life than please show me if not I don't want it anymore.

That very day a series of event happened to change my life for the better.I found my life taking a different turn, every obstacle and every stinking resistance became known that day.

I began to surrender each and everyone and search for wisdom on the Internet. I found all kinds of teachings but none that resonated within my being.

I was then given all of DR. Dyer's teachings on CD to listen to a couple weeks later.

I've never been more at peace and feeling the presence of God as he puts it in my life. I cried,laughed and sat with the silliest grin on my face while listening to everything.

My wife came home from work and asked me what was wrong because of my big fat grin.

I had just completed the series "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem". I was in awe. I could feel this new power of life coursing through me, I knew beyond any doubt that my life was changing for the better.

A couple of months later I was offered a chance to start my own company working from home. Everything sounded to go to be true so I researched everything for the next 6 months until everything check out. I then started my own company.

I realize I could of had more abundance sooner but didn't know about the trusting your inner guide and things called "Synchrodestiny". So I continued to read all the books I could by Wayne.

One month after starting my business and learning everything I needed to give my clients everything they needed I had a serious illness.

I had a stroke, it was called a freak of a thing by many and a miracle by others. I put my intention up on it being a miracle. I began to place my intention getting better. I started to look at this obstacle and see what it was telling me.

I'm honestly not sure what it meant except that if I hadn't of hurt my back while driving a semi that I most likely would have wrecked and killed myself and quite possibly others.

I was grateful for hurting my back for the very first time therefore unknowingly at the time replacing bitterness with gratitude.

MY miracle came because of several things. One is my intention was placed upon my being completely whole. Two, thousands of prayers and meditation place for me around the world by people I've never met of all walks, races and religions.

I am completely whole with no sign of ever even having a stroke.

So I will testify we have been given a wonderful gift and ability to co-create our lives as we see fit.

During the course of quitting my job and the present I have lost all my friends except 2 and one of them is my wife, my very best friend for the past 11 years.

I didn't do anything to lose my friends they just fell by the wayside because I was set on my new course. Subtle changes happened in me and others, not really noticeable except after history can be studied as a whole of events, the big picture if you will.

I've never been happier in my entire life. I've changed from a arrogant, kick your butt, angry man who only cared about myself.

I went through a period of mourning not for myself but for all the people I've ever hurt. I to this day still have someone that I've wronged and wish them the best and place my intention upon them that they will be as happy as I am.

Thank you for letting me share a little of my story.

Eric R. Clark


18-09-2004 12:44:47

yea goldmin

I appreciate your view because after reading some books of Dyer's, I was feeling happiness resonating within myself. However, after doing a meditation on manifest your destiny, my outlook on him has changed a bit.

I wrote what I'm referring to hear in another post with no answers from no-one so to be not challenged is some what aggravating.

I should've clarified it more perhaps. Anyway I'll continue reading his books though with a bit of skeptisism.


16-12-2004 22:58:02

What is my Wayne Dyer breakthrough? Ironically I have finally recognized that Wayne has just as much to learn from me as I from him. He is a beautiful person and offers incredible insight into a unique philosophy, however I can now read his books, just as any other book and digest it the way I "intend" it for me. We all have a capacity to understand our world and its wonderful mysteries. We all have something to offer to our world.

Wayne has studied many people in his years to come to the level of awareness that he is at. We all must do this as well. We can not just allow one persons message to penetrate us into believing that this is it. That his words are correct. Each person has a journey individual from anothers. His insight has assisted me through troubling times. His words allowed me to make sense of confusing times. However in no way do I feel that he possesses any greater internal gifts than we. The world works perfect due to our unique talents.

When we begin to remove the hyerarchy that many have created, we come to realize that we too are rich in areas that he may not be. He has millions and a wonderful gift of philosophy and I have a husband and son in which I am blessed to enjoy everyday without the pressures of lifes expectations invading our space.

If we look within our own worlds we will one day see that we are equal on the hyerarchy of life scale. wink


26-12-2004 15:32:44

Once upon a time I was the host of a daily 3 hour talk show on a local small market AM radio station. I'd get catalogues every week listing book publishers who had authors who wanted to promote their latest book. Good deal - no money changed hands - in return for the talk hosts having an interesting guest through a phone interview, the author got free publicity for his book. I'd also be sent a free copy of the book beforehand to prepare for the interview. Must have gone through a thousand books for that show.

One day I saw an interesting title - "Your Erroneous Zones", a cute twist on a popular topic of the day, erogenous (sexual arrousal) zones. It wasn't a new book; I guess it was being reintroduced by a new publisher or in a new format - anyway - I breezed through the book when it arrived, thought it had some good thoughts, booked the author, and had a very good one hour discussion on the air. Nothing really hit me with either the book or the author, but something must have been planted, some seed that lay dormant for a long time.

Fast-forward to the year 2000. Just turned 50, feeling somewhat adrift in life, suddenly feeling the need to figure out what life was REALLY all about. Got into trying to understand Buddhism, yoga, the Tao and quantum physics, the whole nine yards. Started to see similar threads, threads started weaving themselves into a pattern, the picture of the pattern just kept maddeningly out of my reach.

Then one day in the book store, a name hit me between the eyes. Wayne Dyer. I knew that name - I'd liked that guy. Opened the book at random and a sentence leaped out and slammed me like a bolt of lightning. You are not a human being having a spiritual experience - you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

There it was.

The past 5 years have been a mind-numbing, bewildering blur of enlightening experiences. I keep coming back again and again to Dr. Dyer, and he always has something fresh to say, pointing me to the next stepping stone on my journey. Many thanks to him! Glee


10-07-2005 02:47:22

I just saw Dr. Dyer's program on PBS. That made me want to explore a bit more; so I came on the net. Viewing the blogs on this site makes me think that there is hope for this world after all.

I want to say more but I won't.