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Overcoming anger


07-10-2004 18:41:19

Anger is nothing more than one of many fears we have. An angry person is dangerous because they are blinded by the fear they hold. And the fear most often is their own fear of their own truth which they have denied and denied. Those who have had angry parents in their childhood years can look back and see that the parents were frighten - frighten that they would have enough money - enough food - clothing - presents. They feared they were seen as losers if they did not measure up to their own expectations. And they got very angry when what they wanted did not happen. And their anger would often be taken out on the first person closest to them and the closest object to them. If people have told you that you have an anger problem, you can be sure the problem lies within a fear you are harboring. And you can go to the anger management classes, and I encourage you to do so, but you will find out that you are the one that must do the work and that work begins with being honest with yourself about the fear you hold. Anger, like any other fear, can be worked through, can be walked through, can be seen for what it is.

Namaste - Ron


06-11-2004 14:03:15

Saw this sign yesterday and it struck a chord with me

The only difference between and anger and danger is one letter!"

Namaste - Ron


14-08-2005 11:07:49

Haha! I need to look at this post everytime I face my boss! He's one soulmate who can get me riled up and I'm still trying to figure out what my karmic lesson is with him. Maybe one day I can look back and know! lol

Patricia Dianne

26-09-2006 19:27:59

I am having a particularly difficult time today....
I work with someone who sees me as a threat. She is unhappy in her job and does not perform well. She sends me negativity all day. It wears me down.
I agree that anger is a byproduct of fear. It is increasingly hard for me to not fall into the traps. I do not want to feel bad. I do not want to feel bad about my coworker.

Where is there- if any- a place to vent? It builds up in me. It weighs on me and is physically painful the more I hold me tongue and try to keep from reacting.

It is diffucult for me to respond positively...she does not think I am genuine...and sometimes I can't even believe myself wholeheartedly.

teeth are clenched...neck muscles tight


25-11-2006 09:41:23

Hey guess what? It's happening to me too. But in this case, there's about 15 people with big ego problems because our company operates like a 24-7 TV factory and everyone's feeling used and abused.

There must be more to life than just sitting up at edits at the wee hours of the morning being compared to other peers and office mates and getting all cliquish n gossipping about how bad the management are in running the whole place.

The negativity wears me down too but the last few days, I have been making a conscious effort to practise 'mastery' in the sense that I see it all as being perfect...(since I made the choice of taking this job knowing what it entailed) and therefore, I must claim personal responsibility over those intentions.

Wow! I dunno if that helped Patricia but just think of that colleague of yours as being a lesson you need to learn about yourself and then use that negativity to become a stronger person?

Hmmm.....I'm still mulling over that one because man, it's easier said than done...Oh well, at least you got me thinking too! CheerZ! lol