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Death or Rebirth..


28-10-2006 08:09:25

Just want to thank Dr. Dyer for his inspiration he has brought to me. Reading His books has brought me comfort in the death of my daughter. I know he always talks about Sky.. A Fathers daughter is a close friend that is very dear to us....Though she is gone She lives in a place of Peace. My heart can feel her peacefulness. It is a sence of content,joy,and relaxed peacefullness. I had the chance of being with her for 24 years. I was in awe when she passed but fine comfort when I reflect on the times I had to be with her..Knowing she is safe now and sits by His side...The heart takes time and tears never stop...I will be with her soon and the Joy of His Grace on me will bring no more tears.....Thanks..Again...Bill.......P.S. My Daring Shannon Till Tomorrow..Love Dad