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14-10-2004 11:03:33

Spiritual Greetings To All,

AS I mentioned in previous posting I am working toward peace counseling and I am being inspired to write a meaningful from the heart letter. I want to write about what I know and feel, that others don't know they DO KNOW and CAN FEEL if they will only just let peace surface and walk in the spirit of the spiritual human being that we all are.

Here it is as follows thus far...

Become a Spiritual Human Being that You Are…

Life’s Endurances + Process = An Enduring Life with Meaning and Purpose

I AM a bridge to others that they to may know and experience inner peace that is within and will surface as I walk in the spirit, giving meaning and purpose to life. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Our Purpose to live a joyful and meaning full life is to endure each new day (The Present)
with inner peace that lays dormant until such a time that we have understanding that it was there all the time.
All we have to do is let peace flow from the knowledge in our head down through our heart and out .

As a spiritual human being are you in or out? WE CAN CHANGE! WE CAN WALK IN THE SPIRIT!
In the Spirit we feel Joyful and Peaceful. You and I become an anchor in the lives of other hurting souls. We become a vessel in the lives of other spiritual human beings. Will you become a bridge between your heart and others?

What might you be enduring in your life? Is it more than you think you can bear? Let’s walk through the process together with meaning, understanding and purpose. Let your peaceful spirit come out in order to live a more joyful life within.

Thanks be to all of you for your input and have a Blessed Day!
cdwilkins D