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Where does Church and Scripture fit into all this?


06-02-2006 17:06:32

I have read and practice many of Dr. Dyers teachings. I am an individual that was born and raised in North Carolina and part of the Southern Baptist Church. I do have a deep faith in God with out a doubt. But with these spiritual teachings where does the bible or scripture fit into all this? Or is the bible just another novel? And Church, what about church? I am trying to make sense out of all of this. I just need to be able to make all the connections in my mind. I have made remarkable strides in just the process of guiding my thoughts to manifest what I desire in the past year but I struggle with understanding where scripture and church fit into all of this.


08-02-2006 14:48:29

I was babtised Babtist but spent most of my young life attending a Fundamentalist Church. In terms of how The Power Of Intention fits in with Christianity or in your case Babtist beliefs well there are some definite discrepancies. I think the first glaring difference I saw was idea that God is someone who should be feared. Theologians theorize this is because religion wants people to 'stay on the straight and narrow' and feel the only way to do that is by going to church and fearing God. In the Power Of Intention we are asked to see God in all things, making our Creator accesible at all times from within. And most importantly he has only our best interests in mind and doesn't want us to fear him. That leads to another difference. The idea that God lives in heaven and we must ask him to perform in our lives here on earth. In Intention, God is in us...at all times. Just like a piece of our Mother and Father is always in us, so is our Creator. He created us. We certainly can call on him to aide us in our lives, but doing it 'as ourselves' knowing God is always with us is the key.

Now there is the element of sin in the Christian faith. Having hateful thoughts or harming ourselves or anyone else isn't a good thing. You and I were taught we have to repent and be saved. Well, I do think we should put away anything that debases or harms ourselves and others, and always do good things. But in Intention, there is no retribution other than life filled with uncertainty, anxiety, negativity and all the things that grow from them.

Now, I certainly do believe in The Holy Trinity and I find no contradictions with that and utilizing the Power Of Intention. If I have any issues it's most likely with religious ritual and practices. But, it's not my place to judge anyone; only to spread love and kindness to everyone I meet. My life and how I live it should be my example and should speak for me.

In all, most 'religions' fit very well into the spiritual teachings associated with Intention. If we concentrate on the most important aspect; Our connection to our Creator and putting that power to work for us every single day! Concentrate less on semantics and more on your spirit that lies within. Does that help?


08-02-2006 18:34:51

That does help alot. Thank you for your help. It has just been difficult to think in a different way when standard christian practices have all I have ever know. It just seemed weird and connecting all the dots is starting to clear a lot of this up.

Thanks again


20-08-2006 03:15:34

Hi friend,

I also come from a quite religious tradition, Spanish Catholicism, which I didn't want to give up too much quicly. As I see it, there are just a few adjustments to make and everything makes sense. First you only need to place God inside rather than outside you and then see ministers like helpers rather people who are absolutely necessary and are above you. My problem was what to do with Jesus but he helped me understand that. He said that he was son of God, not the only child of God... so we are like him if we want our power. And the Bible, I know it is not too much helpful either. What I believe is that it has been cut off and mistranslated and what we have are just small pieces of the whole view.
How I work now is that I combine all what it works for me. I do my aaah meditations but on Sunday if I feel like I go to church. I just see my actions in two categories the ones that make me close to God and others. So if it makes me feel connected and inspired I do it, if not I don't. But I have also rennounced to labels. I don't want to be a catholic anymore but a person who seeks God, the Source of all Life in everything and everyone.
Hope it helps you,


20-08-2006 13:19:05

This does help and we are pretty close to the same place. The only question that still comes into my mind and I am searching any feedback on is "What about the Bible?" THE WORD is something that has been driven into me for so many years. Is this just a novel. I do an understanding with the research I have done that a group of Theologians chose what to put in and what not to put in but some feeback would be great on this topic.

Thank you for your Time


21-08-2006 11:32:51

I'd be hard-pressed to call the Bible a novel. Perhaps, 'inspired religious text' would be more accurate. I, like Gise, have no problem combining my spiritualty with my Christian beliefs. Therefore, I have no problem finding inspiration from the Christian Bible. It is a wonderful roadmap to life and offers many examples to teach us.


05-09-2006 08:41:28

I would encourage you to read a string from this forum that may help you. It's about Jesus Christ. Here's the path


The Holy Spirit guided me to begin this string back in 2003. I believe what you will read will help you in understanding that what Dr. Dyer teaches is very contrary to the Bible.

The Bible teaches us that we can do nothing without Christ. Dyer teachers that we can do it ourselves. Dyer teaches to change our attitude (behavioral). The Bible teaches that behavioral change is temporal, but that a true heart change (via the Holy Spirit) is eternal.

In Him,



05-09-2006 09:07:03

Hi Heidi,
I encourage you to revisit "The Power of Intention" because what you describe is only a smart part of what Dr. Dyer suggests. The Holy Spirit is so much more than the Bible, or the Torah or the Koran 'it' is what guides us every minute of every day! The sacrifice made in the Christian Bible by Jesus of Nazareth is a wonderful example of faith, dedication and love. It's something we can all do in our own lives; Surrender to God, The Source of all things. But the "God" I speak of can't be narrowed down to fit into any of 'man's definitions' because God is beyond description. In the book "The History Of God", there are numerous examples outlining the creation of man's idea of what God is. Those differing views have caused thousands of years of war and opression. Why? For me it matters not who is right... Being 'right' is directly related to the EGO(edging God out) and has nothing to do with The Holy Spirit. If we all could be less human and more spiritual, if all could spend less time talking about what this scripture says versus this scripture, if we all could realize that God, our source is 'in us', everyone, and that that powerful spirit is available to all living creatures... THEN we indeed would have a world where God's love is abundant as the Sunshine.


05-09-2006 13:27:41


Based on your question "Where does Church and Scripture fit into all this?" and your post, it sounds like (if I am incorrect, I apologize), but it sounds like you are a little puzzled based on what you know from Scripture and what you are reading in Dr. Dyer's teachings.

If you believe in God's Truth and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it is living and active today and forever, I would encourage you to check out the link below, or even email me off line


If your view of the Bible is that it is a piece of history then the above link will probably not be of interest to you.

I'd be happy to "talk" to you off-line.

May God grab your heart and speak His Truth into your life,