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Let go or not to let go


19-10-2005 12:07:08

I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive) (I know some think that you should unlearn the concept of a label but I don't, besides, thats another story) anyway when my mind presents images of people I have trouble with, recently I just let the images happen b/c those images are fear and I don't want to give into fear and other times I do some of my previous techniques like think of something else I don't have a problem, but both ways make me feel uncomfortable and make me go 4 the advil, I'm thinking with practice that if I let the images go thru it will go away, but if it makes me feel bad now then.....??? What advice would you give to me


21-10-2005 08:41:29

Somewhere in one of his books Wayne Dyer suggests that when you have a negative thought, in this case your images, gently acknowledge it and then gently turn it away. I just say to the thought, "Oh Hello. Thanks but I won't be needing you." and that works really well for me. I've heard other folks say to yell at the thought, "Get out!" or think the word CANCEL or picture a red stop sign. None of that works for me, because the energy around those techniques is too explosive for me and though I cancel out the thought I am left feeling jittery, but for someone else that may work.

Good luck! ) Celia


28-11-2005 02:28:04

Same here Celia! I don't yell at my negative thoughts. I just say "Hey great to see you again, but no thanks!" D D