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A little fear is good


14-10-2005 11:07:15

In my humble opinon I know that a little fear in this life is good, but the right type of fear is the question...for instance I think the fear of lets say telling someone how you feel about them is good, but only to a point you must reconize that if you indulge in that fear it is like a unwanted addictive drug.... I know the thought process I have in my brain is the only one that determines how I view or perceve how this world is to me, but what do you all think on this topic?


28-11-2005 02:53:14

And everyone of us lives with that fear. I like a quote Sandra Bullock said in an interview for her latest movie.

"9 out of 10 times, when you think you like someone, it's likely that they have the same feelings for you."

Now THAT gives me confidence to start telling people I like and have a crush on that I LIKE THEM!!! LOL! lol D

forever young

28-11-2005 08:20:07

When you think about it, you really can't go wrong in being upfront and honest about your feelings. What's the worst that can happen? They don't share those feelings? If that is the case, there is no basis for anything more anyway!! Right??!!

We don't want to and can't force anything with another person as much as people try. It's all around us. No wonder so many people are unhappy in their relationships. They don't and can't accept what really is.

Think about that!!


01-12-2005 10:46:35

FYI FY (my abbreviation for Forever young) lol To a certain extent my e-goo agrees with you but to another extent it doesn't...why?

Well, I agree that the expectations placed on people are a bummer to most but that's because they've not really taken the time to explore themselves and find out what partner really matches up to their deepest soul intentions as Dyer mentions in 'The Power of Intention'...

#1 We say we want to meet someone kind and gentle and what do we do? We exude rough and violent characteristics which then attracts LIKE energy in a person we meet and fall in love with.

#2 A lot of us then end up 'Settling DOWN' or 'settling', not 'settling UP'...quote taken from Sex and The City btw which is a great line of wisdom to me.

Personally to me, I have decided not to forge any deep relationship with one person in particular because I love everyone too much and I can't see myself practising a real sense of exclusive spiritual love for just that one big daddy all my life. ...spiritual love extends to everyone and it doesn't include romance and sex which is what a lot of partnerships dwell all too often and too much on.

For me, I've decided that IF I were to have a once-in-a-lifetime partner, the love would have to be based a lot on spiritual love because that's the only thing that can sustain a long-term partnership but even that I truly think deep down is bound to change and evolve and both parties are free to move on to greater spiritual depths/heights if their partnership doesn't work out. Life is temporal and our time here is very short in terms of Universal 'time'.

forever young

01-12-2005 12:33:58

I would agree with you that many if not most haven't explored themselves and they are deep into a relationship.

Is it any wonder there is so much unhappiness around us?

A true "spiritual" love cannot be forced. It just happens. The connection one feels is undeniable. How long it lasts, only time will tell.

If sex and romance are a part of it then so be it.