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Quote From Max Planck


12-08-2005 13:29:32

Can anyone give me the source of the quote from Max Planck used in the book. "The Power of Intention"? I have looked everywhere, including the Nobel Prize website with no luck. (


14-10-2005 10:40:25

Its something to the effect that when he recieved the nobel prize for physics he said.... In all my work in studying the smallest particles of matter he knew that behind that matter was a source or intellgent matrix of that brought matter to vibrational harmony...... I thing it might be somewhere in the beginning of the book.....I now the quote is used in the POI lecture he gave on PBS


14-10-2005 11:13:13

Thanks for your response. However, I was looking for the actual source of the Max Planck quote, that Dr. Dyer used for his book.