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avoid certain energys... but why?


02-08-2005 19:53:14

in the pbs lecture dyer gave, he mentions an event with his son and rap music and how he found that the energy levels in the music weaken you, which I then tend to think would lead to negative type thinking etc. But he also mentions finding the good or beauty in things, such as when he says can you find the beauty or good in a homeless person urinating on the street... if your supposed to find the good in everything why does he suggest avoiding such energy levels such as rap music, wouldn't you want to face them to then be able to rack your consciousness as to discover the good or beauty in it? Just watched the lecture again on the dvd I ordered of it and had that thought


04-08-2005 07:12:26

Energy - as you know - is not solid It cannot be kept at a distance, where we can focus on it, pray about it, think about it and finally change our mind about it as we can do when we watch a Street Person and come to understand that this Person also is part of us and has the "God Seed" within Energy envelopes us and vibrates within us Some energies are unpleasant and we can never "love" them such as the energy of a "Battlefield" or the energy at a "KKK" rally
How'd I do ? Do you have a better understanding?
Blessings, Mamagik

Mr. Scott

05-08-2005 16:24:38


I'm just kidding. I think that's a great, great question and you pointed to a perfect reason why we shouldnt deify wayne dyer. He's just a person and his word isn't gospel. If I was in his place I probably would have said not to listen to something like Josh Groban instead. That would get me angry and want to run full speed and head first into a brick wall... I think what's most important in wayne's message though is the idea to see the best in things. Wayne probably hasnt taken the time to listen to a lot of rap music and makes a certain assumption that its all thug gangsta rap - which of course it isnt. He's from a completely different generation though, so what are you gonna do? I readily admit that I can't stand this youngster American Idol stuff and I think it just might be the work of the devil - so I guess I'm not perfect either.
The whole art/decency/freedom of expression/artistic influence/taste (etc. etc.) argument is (I think) impossible to solve. Each side has a legitimate point and I think what wayne would say - or what my opinion on the subject is at least - is that you should make sure to use your brain. Why do you like it or why does it speak to you? If its for the wrong reasons, than its probably not the best for you.
I think its funny reading about Dave Chappelle talking about why he took a sabatical to Africa "because he wanted to check his intentions and make sure they were pure." He's a Muslim by the way. And his show features rap performers. He's got a show that undoubtedly offends a lot of people, but I honestly believe he has pretty good intentions even though some people might not like his stuff. Some of it's uncomfortable too, but that's the nature of Art. The good stuff is supposed to make you think - just make sure that you're awake enough to do so. Cranking some Slayer, getting all mad, and going out vandalizing stuff isnt really thinking...

I think I could go on and on about this subject cuz its kinda interesting, but its nothing but rambling. Good question and good catch by the way - you give me hope for the future, or something... Anybody else got an opinion?


07-08-2005 10:29:06

I think you guys are kind of missing the point on this one. As I grow through life, my aim is to raise my conciousness, become more aware.

In this life its hard to avoid anything, with media, internet etc. But being aware of all things allows you to filter out and avoid if necessary certain negatives.

Its not about avoiding Rap music, its about being aware of all lyrics, teachings, people that you are listening to. Lets say you woke up today in a great mood, midway through the day you feel sluggish and out of sorts...what happened? Go back and take an inventory. When did you give up your peace of mind. Was it your co-workers negativity about something, was it talk radio on the way in to work. Was it the morning news. This morning in Atlanta it was murder, mayhem, missing children, war, you name it. You have a choice to soak it up or tune it out.

The man urinating in the street. You can see him for what he is, without judgement, without condemnation. Just like you can listen to anything without judgement or condemnation but be aware of its affects on you. However as I have grown, I have noticed that I avoid all types of negativity. No matter the source. My friends have changed, my choice of TV, music, reading material. I am not judging anyone just being mindful of my own spirit and its needs. It is hard enough to keep you head above water without sabotaging yourself.

Awareness is the key. If at this point you just don't get it, that's okay. You're on your way. Just not quite there yet.


12-08-2005 19:03:07

Wow! All your posts are wonderfully invigorating, energy-wise that is! lol

While I haven't watched Dyer's lectures on PBS and have no access to them. Dyer may have a point from his POV.

After all, what works for one person may not work for another. I say to-may-to, and you say to-mah-toe phenomenon.

I don't agree that rap music is really weakening; I just believe certain rap artistes can do that to a person.

However, on the flip side, I also remember a very positive rap group from the 90s called Arrested Development whose rap songs really made me feel good and empowered as a person.

There was also the legendary Grand Master Flash, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy whose music told the truths about their real-life experiences. They used music to make people aware socially and politically about their rights, and if truth be told, being an avid music lover, there are also many black artistes out there who are making real 'soul' music. People like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Freestylers, Outkast, Groove Theory etc

This is music that empowers; music that lifts the spirits and makes you dance and have fun.

The problem is radio stations around the world pick up only on all those gangsta rap 'crap'? and markets them heavily. But even then, many are laced with sexual innuendos that market sex as a cheap, pawltry act. Maybe the radio station formatters need to have a re-think about their playlists?

O, but anyway, what do I know eh? D

forever young

28-11-2005 08:52:07

I think that art is very subjective! One man's trash is another man's master piece. I think you could take two people and play the same song in the same room and they can have a completely opposite reaction emotionally.

That's what makes the world go around!

Can certain music have negative vibes in it that negative people feed off? Of course.
In the end though it's up to each of us to determine how anything makes us feel. Is it positive? Does it make you feel good inside? Or does it make you angry or depressed?

It's all in our own perception. Like was mentioned, Wayne is from a completely different generation and as much as we like to think we are "hip" to what's new, we all fall into that line of thought to a degree.

Myself I try to experience what the kids are doing now. Some of it is alright too but It's not "my" music in the end. It's theirs!! So yeah that generation gap is just a natural part of this life. Ours will never be theirs and vice versa.

As to deifying Mr Dyer, that is not the point here. He is not about that. He is a man who truly has seen the light and is sharing his journey. I have seen the same light and he is very genuine. This much you can be sure of.