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Brand New to Dyer and the power of intention


07-07-2005 03:46:09

Originally from Michigan, I have lived in Wyoming and I now reside in Rapid City. It is beautiful, however for the past 2 summers I have been trying to get home via a teaching job. This summer isn't different. In late May I had an interview in my home state-- 15 applicants and it was narrowed down to 2-- the other person got the job. I was wounded. I have another chance with a better school, however they are taking their time with the interviewing process. Feeling depressed and hopeless a friend told me about Dyer's book. I read it basically in one sitting-- I have the book on cd and listen to it during my summer job, and I have been trying the meditation. The problem is training my ego-- I often have doubts and when I do have them I think the opposite. I want to come home to a job in Michigan and I feel that I am content but I just want to go home. how do you battle these inner voices of doubt?

Mr. Scott

15-07-2005 16:20:15

I've been thinking a little like you. I do good sometimes, but I think too much - and I'm looking for some magic bullet to make me ignore my negative thoughts. Here is what I do and it sorta helps. I just keep my mind focused on what I want (or positive thoughts) and then make a mental picture of literally cutting of my past. I think a lot of negative thoughts are learned, and the intellectual mind uses past experiences to build on future ones, but like Wayniac says, the past is nothing but the wake of your life and it isnt driving you. My thought process is something like "I really like who I am, and that's exactly who I am right now. Who I used to be is not going to effect who I am right now. I'm moving forward." Somethin' like that.

Whats cool is that it makes you feel lighter. Literally. Like you have more energy. Maybe it just mentally shuts off that annoying chatter thats going on in the background of thoughts. Its also works for me as a good way of living in the present. Thats just my two cents though. shock


16-07-2005 02:23:12

Thanks Scott.
After thinking about things in the past, I guess I have always been a negative thinker, perhaps it was growing up in Detroit! My life has been pretty good so far, I really can't complain. I went to college and now because I wanted to move out West, I did. About this job-- sometimes I will think to myself "they haven't called you because the position is filled." And I try to think the opposite-- no, they are going to hire you because you are good at what you do-- how could they not hire you? I want to move back home-- but my mind sometimes tells me, it's not going to happen, you are going to be stuck in Rapid City for another year-- for the last 2 weeks I have been working for my landlord painting the interior of a ware house and I thank the universal source for letting me have the opportunity to work and make money for the move. It has been good to get out of the house and actually use my time for improvement. Perhaps I need this time to get it together so that when I do get the interview they are doubly impressed. There are many things telling me that this is going to happen! The meditation has really helped to take my mind off of the future as well. I do worry, sometimes I think it is the best thing that I do, but I am trying to live in the present moment and not to let my ego control my thoughts. It is just this is the 3 summer trying to get back to Michigan and sometimes I feel it is impossible. I will try to ignore these negative thoughts, it is difficult. I am trying to look for the good in every situation and every person.

Mr. Scott

22-07-2005 16:55:31

Um, I was just reading your post and was curious, what is it that you want? Do you want that job, or do you want to move back? If you're confused about your direction in life, guess what you attract... Confusion. Yeah, its just so simple that its hard. Dont feel bad about that either, hell I bet everybody on this board is confused about where there heading with something. It might not hurt to sit down and write out what it is that you want just to get it clear in your own mind. It helps me a lot (uh, in fact I need to do again it cuz it appears I've lost the plot in my life. once again... ) It can help you isolate the truth somewhat - and you can use it as a map to what matters for you. Spend a little time to map it out and then you can move with confidence to where you feel like going and not feel lost or feel the need to second guess your rationale. I hope my advice helps, I think I might even follow it myself.


25-07-2005 04:42:13

Well, I want to move home but I have to have a job. I can't just move home to nothing-- I could not afford it. This seems like the perfect job for me and I want it and yes, since it is in Michigan that is the reason. I am not confused about it, I know what I want. I am thankful for the time that I have spent out west and the great people that are in my life. Right now, I am just working mainly to keep my mind off of the future. I am trying to live in the present moment and being thankful to have the opportunity to work closeer to my goals. It is just difficult trying to be positive all of the time. I have never prayed, meditated or been so self aware in all of my life! It is a good thing but I just want everything to work out. I try to visualize getting the job and packing up a moving truck to go back to Michigan. This time I will be thankful with every box, every piece of furniture that I put on that truck!
Trying to be positive. )


25-07-2005 16:28:28

Hi Shannon and Scott,

Once in awhile I log onto this site and I usually see exactly what I need. Tonight is no exception. Shannon, I'm looking for a new job too and starting to feel resistance in myself, doubt... So I wrote down this quote from power of intention which I repeat to myself often,
" It is my intention to attract ideal people and ideal situations into my life."
I also sing that song from West Side Story- "Something's Coming...""
-Could it be, yes It could, something's coming, something good , if I can wait... etc. "which really helps me stay postive and connected while I wait for the slow hand of God , through the different places I apply to , to bring me to a better place

It's like that exercise when you fall backwards and trust you'll be caught. The longer the fall or wait time the more I can practice staying connected. Am I perfect at it- NO! Do I keep on doing it anyway- yes.
Might I have to return to a job that does not fit? Maybe, but maybe not. I continue to work on attracting that next great job, the one God, my source, has picked out for me.

And as I grow in my awareness and willingness to stay in that space of hopeful connectedness, I become more of my best self, more of my ideal and I find I can help myself to heal and finally come to release the pain and feelings that block me from staying connected. I am shining up that greasy wheel.


26-07-2005 08:47:20

Hey Shannon, Scott and other folks,

I woke up and did my daily web search for a job and found that two jobs I had hoped to be interviewed for have been filled. I feel loss and sad and the song, "Close every door to me" from Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat came to me and I did begin to sing it and cry because that is how I authentically feel. Blocked. Stuck. But then I thought, NO! It's so easy to be positive when knocking on the door. When the door shuts and you hoped to have your foot in, it hurts a little as you quickly pull it out to avoid squashing your big toe and those negative resistant thoughts can be so easily invited in instead of the big change you were hoping for.,..BUT this is the time when you've got to rely on faith and God, who for me is my source & the Power of HIS intentions for me. So I began to sing the song from West Side Story, "Could it be? Yes it could, something's coming, something good..." and I literally felt the energy change. I'm still sad but comforted that GOd will open a window if I only allow it to be and continue to clear out that clutter and confusion.
I do feel sad and can't see how I can return to a workplace that emanates low energy and I realize I get sucked down into it despite all my efforts, because it is not where I belong. It would be easier to stay but I want abundance, beauty, joy. I have many friends and people I love at work, but my job has not been a space where I felt I could be my best me. I can send out high energy but unlike more enlightened folks I don't have the ability yet to keep myself resistance free. I work to get to the place where I have serenity no matter where I am. I seek a fresh start in a supportive, loving place and to continue to send love to my present job and detach, with forgiveness, to start a better job, emotionally and spiritually.


31-07-2005 04:02:08

Well. Fear is setting in and I am trying so hard not to let it. Basically school begins Aug 24-- new teachers have to be there by the 18th. I live in Rapid City and the job is in my home state of Michigan. I have been in contact with this school since March and they have all of my information. The position is still vacant and I guess they are taking their time, which is making me crazy. I am a great teacher and I feel it is my destiny to be at this school, why do I feel like they are not going to give me even an interview? This is only the third summer I have tired to get back home and I don't understand this. I am trying to be happy here, living in the present moment but is my ego this strong?
I keep meditating and I keep envisioning myself at the school that I want to be at...
Any positive thoughts??
I am very confused.


02-08-2005 16:06:13

Hey Shannon,

I completely understand what you mean. I'm waiting on an interview call hopefully myself. Waiting is hard. Somebody told me once patience is doing something else in the meantime.

I pray this prayer, "God, I want this or something better. I leave it up to you to send meto the best place for me as I do the work to make things happen."

I had my heart set on a fulltime job. They didn't even call, perhaps because I have a Masters. The job I am leaving was my "dream" job, but turned out to be a very negative thing for me in the end. You might feel like that job is the only one, but there are so many options out there. If you really want to go home I would say go, do it and look for any job that brings you joy and funds your life. Then you can take your time searching and contemplating yourself in that ideal job you seek.

Let me know how it's going. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
) Celia


02-08-2005 22:57:20

Hello Celia
It is frustrating isn't it? I too, have a Master' s and a lot of times my ego gets involved... "hey I have an advanced degree, and many experiences this school should be fighting over me." *sigh* I know it isn't the right way. I have been so very patient. In the world of K-12 school August is very late to be figuring out who they want to hire. A part of me says get on with this, what are you waiting for? I left a message with the principal on friday, have I heard from her? no. So very frustrating. I am lucky though, I have a summer job and i have been earning moving money so this is a very good thing. I am just tired of this waiting and wondering. I try to tell myself that this is going to work out, i envision myself working at this school, I envision them calling me for the interivew and the job offer. I am trying to quell the negative thoughts. i hope that we can both find a good job. And yes, I will pray for you as well. the meditation helps.. even if it keeps my mind off of the job situation for 10 minutes.


03-08-2005 12:05:49

Hi Shannon and Celia,

In 2002 I was unemployed for almost the entire year. At the time I did not have the insight and patience I now posses. Every interview I went on I felt that was the job for me. One in particular in Ashville, SC I so fell in love with. I was ready to move. I loved the city. I felt my soul belong, everything was perfect. Needless to say that didn't happen.

The job I eventually got and the company I am now working for, turned out to be the perfect one. At the right moment (i was almost out of savings) the right situation came along. Every day since then I have given thanks for all the other places the DIDN'T hire me. My lesson in life since then is that its all about the RIGHT job. Not the one that I think is best but the one the universe so wonderfully provides for me.

Being unemployed in a horrible feeling, but finding the strength and patience for the RIGHT one to come along is a lesson worth learning. It goes towards everything in life. Its called letting go and letting God. Let go off all your preconcieved ideas on where you need to be and what you need to be doing. You want the right job, the right mate, your rightful place in creation. Don't settle for less. Ever.

How many time have you thought that one thing was the best only to find out that was far from the truth. Someone out there knows way more than you and I and you have to have faith and patience. Sometimes the right situation takes awhile to fall into place but know that it is there and will reveal it self in time. Believe, believe, believe.

Yes you can picture yourself surrounding by the conditions you wish, just don't pick the location )

One Love


04-08-2005 07:22:16

Hi Shannon, I'm new to this forum also, but not new to life
It would seem to me that if you get a job where you are then you can't get home Your posts indicate that home is your dream and the job is the only way "YOU SEE" that you can realize that dream Wayne said repeatedly not to pay attention to the "how" because the thing we want never shows up the way "WE PLAN"
An example from my life The man of my dreams showed up in the drug rehab where my 14- year- old -son was in residence as one of the supervisors lol How Goddess-like was that !
Blessings, Mamagik


04-08-2005 16:11:10

Hi Girls and Guys,

So much wonderful feedback!
I did have my heart set on a fulltime job. Someone I love suggested I should either not work or work part time.(I have recently recovered from a serious injury and illness, a miracle.) I have had to let go of the sense of obligation, Those nasty "Shoulds" and the strong
desireto keep going full tilt. I asked my husband to help me carry the burden by his returning to work fulltime. He was very supportive. That is a gift for him, he's felt very boxed in as the main stay at home parent during the school year for the last six years.
Then I saw an ad for a part time job that sounds IDEAL. I have been saying this from Wayne Dyer "It is my intentiojn to attract ideal people and situations in to my life"
Miraculously I got a call for an interview yesterday. There are 5 positions open at a University nearby. This would be related to my field, but not working directly with my own class. I would not have considered that. God picked it out for me. If I don't get the job then I will believe that I am meant to stay home for awhile and that is great to.

Letting Go and Letting God is very freeing.
I do feel sadness at what I will leave behind , 23 years of teaching children, yet, I'm also hopeful and exited to work at the University level.

Keep the Faith everyone. Fall back and trust that God will catch you and carry you if you need that.

Saw on t.v. today, Somebody said "God is not a negative thinker. Negative thinking limits our potential."

I think acknowledge loss is not negative. Staying lost in it, though, could be.


06-08-2005 14:52:15

Hey Shannon et al,

My ego is pulling me back into resistance today. I've got a bad case of the what-ifs.

I won't give them any more power by writing them into solid existence, I realize this is a passing thing, and part of an old pattern that is hanging out past it's welcome. I will say I am hesitant to call my sister and tell her that I got the call for an interview she has been hunting and living on savings for a while now.

Keep the Faith Shannon, not only are better times coming, but they are here already if you say they are.

Sometimes I pretend that this is my last day on earth(who knows, it could be) and that helps me to gain the perspective that opens the door to the seven faces, beauty, abundance, receptivity, love, kindness, creativity and acceptance.

Despite some bad dreams and negative moments I still intend to bid the past a good goodbe and I thank the old ways that helped me feel safe and invite them out to make room for the new me and the positive changes that have begun to happen.