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What you focus on expands


27-01-2005 14:07:35

Haven't psoted for awhile, been busy.

But today something reminded me and brought me back here!

Everyday for the past two weeks I have been worried something would happen. It was a little far fetched but I was worried it could happen. Each morning I would check the mail and hope I didn't get a certain something. I did this for two weeks even though the likely hood was low, I was concerned.

Sure enough, today, that mail arrived. Not good, but can't help but wonder if i manifested it or at least helped it on it's way to me. Maybe it was just a warning sign from my subconcious but it was still a suprise when it actually came.

Now this reinforces in me that I need to focus and start having good intentions, maybe I should do the thing expecting good news to come in the mail!

Mr. Scott

31-01-2005 12:24:30

I feel ya Smarky. I got away from focusing on positive outcomes and just got in a complacent/bad mood -- and what I was hoping wouldnt happen, happened. It wasnt anything bad, but something didnt work out the way I had hoped and I kept focusing on how I got screwed, which of course made it worse. I think the hardest part about "what you focus on expands" is that it takes diligence. For me, I've manifested a lot of what I wanted in my life (yeah, I'm a succes story...) but once I got what I wanted I think I turned a bit complacent. And that aint good. Its like I was thinking "wow! what you wanted to manifest has come to pass. congratulations!" so now that that's over with, I can go back to thinking like I used to, which is lazy and wrong. However, complacency after manifesting your desires is a dilemna I'm willing to live with though, because fotunately -- I know what the solution is... And I'm giggling because its pretty cool knowing that too. I'm going to focus on how fortunate me (and everybody on this board) is to know what we know. Yup, I'm going to focus on that for awhile. See ya'll around, I'll be the dude with a smile on my face.


31-01-2005 14:29:07

Hehe, I need more positive intentions and just a believe in myself in that I can do all that I am trying to do, so that I get the Power of intention kickin ass like a bodyguard clearing the way for my success!

chris knight

31-01-2005 14:42:56

...so that I get the Power of intention kickin ass like a bodyguard clearing the way for my success!

With congruent intentions of your desire, you can erect a forcefield stronger than the ones used in Star Trek or SG1 and they can help destroy the obstacles in your way.

Back down to Earth for a moment What we are really talking about here is the "Art of Allowing"...

Intention is about allowing yourself to accept the well being that is your destiny to receive.

You are your own body guard at the speed of your own thoughts.

The question is How congruent are your thoughts with your desires?

Mr. Scott

31-01-2005 15:36:23

I think a lot of intention is just staying positive. I know thats simple, but so is intending what you desire -- if a person can manage get out of their own way for a little while. Ego gets in the way, negative inner dialogue gets in the way, insecurity gets in the way, focusing on the outcome gets in the way. If I stay happy knowing that what I want IS going to manifest in my life, and I stay in that place because I know its the right place to be, whadayaknow it usually works. And I'm not trying to sound like a hippy with speeches about planting hope gardens or painting my house with laughter...., I'm talking about an attitude that faciltates intention working in my life. I'd rather be around positive, respectful, generous, funny, happy people than I would sullen people who feel the world is out to get them. I differ from Dyer in the fact that I think that the universe is pretty much indifferent. It's whatever you want it to be. If you focus on how sad you are, guess what - the universe responds with more of that. If you focus on how kick ass everybody you meet is, guess what - you meet more cool people. To visualize my interpretation, I guess I think of a river. Do I want to go with the current, against the current, etc. So that imagery helps me make sure I'm pointed (mentally) in the right direction. I can still get to my destination going upriver, but dammit if its not a whole lot harder.

P.S. Even though I said I think a little different than Dyer about the universe, Dyer's Seven Faces of Intention are GREAT guideposts to stay connected to intention and I use them. Every day. !

Mr. Scott

18-05-2005 15:47:35

I think the "what you focus on expands" issue is a big one for me. I'm a scientist and its in my nature to turn every single thing over and examine it from 20 different angles. Pretty regularly I have to tell myself (or my ego or whatever won't quit asking questions) to just be quiet. Stop thinking for a minute dude! Anyways, in a practical sense this can be accomplished by staying positive, expecting things to work out, or not focusing on the outcome -- but I'm curious how you other lucky folks work this into your life. I honestly believe that what you focus on expands - but its important to make sure that you're coming from the right place. That your intentions are legit. Ah, there's that word again! Intentions!!! What synchronicity... shock D