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Intention Power - 7. The Face of Receptivity - Discussion

chris knight

30-05-2004 20:40:33

Intention Power - 7. The Face of Receptivity

Lastly, the face of receptivity. The universal laws of intention are open to everyone and without any judgement. Consider the application of this principle is really about believing in yourself and your ability to be open to unlimited possibilities. Banish your doubts. Focus only on your positive intentions towards others and yourself to tap into this energy.

How can you overcome a block to being in a "receptive state" of mind?


01-06-2004 11:24:29

And what is a block to our being in a "receptive state"? Could it be as simple as a negative thought? Could it be as simple as listening to ego instead of consulting Spirit? Could it simply be just "me"? Any block to any thing in life is but a fear we have about experiencing something new - something perhaps of the truth of ourselves. Only love and fear exist in this world we make - love being real - and fear being the illusion. But we often give more attention to fear than to love. Why? Because we are trying hard not to see the truth of who and what we are. This is ego at work. Being aware of all this, accepting this, is the first step in the removal of the block we believe is preventing us from experiencing love and peace. Remove this block with a change of thought and allow that which is yours to pour into you - experience the freedom you are - experience the peace you are - experience the love you are - and experience the truth of who you are.

Namaste - Ron