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Next Book: "Inspiration - Your Ultimate Calling"


23-01-2005 21:52:10

Having seen Wayne here in San Diego recently, his fans might like to know that he is already speaking about his newest book project, "Inspiration -- Your Ultimate Calling." He distinguished between "motivation" (taking something to its end or following through) and "inspiration", which is the reverse -- an idea gets into you to go where you were supposed to when you came here from formlessness.

Wayne Dyer never lets you stop thinking . . . and that's good


25-01-2005 07:40:18

I'm glad to know he's working on a new book. And you are right, he never allows you to stop thinking - but that can be a problem! Sometimes I get so confused and bogged down and I have to go back and re-read some of the pages of his book to clarify things. I would really love to attend one of his workshops.


29-03-2005 11:57:58

The book is not due to be published for another year yet (March 2006) but he will be doing talks on it shortly.

Indded there is already one planned for August.