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Intention Power - 6. The Face of Abundance - Discussion

chris knight

30-05-2004 20:39:22

Intention Power - 6. The Face of Abundance

The face of unlimited abundance is one of my favorite laws that works in the power of intention or attraction. You were probably taught all of your life about limitations and about what is "not possible." Unfortunately, this came from well-meaning people who believed in limitation and not abundance. This law does not require you to be intellectually perfect in order to receive the benefits.

Believing in unlimited abundance has no downside, so why not take another look at your business life after you answer this question, "What if I could have it all?"


01-06-2004 10:19:46

This question can keep us separate beings or produce a feeling of Oneness. What is the "all" you seek? Is it of the world you make? Or is it that which is within each of us? Many people have accumulated great wealth and still feel as if something is lacking in their lives. Many people go to great extremes to find a happiness that they search for out there. But think about the fact of who you are in truth. Think about the abundance of gifts that are yours just for the opening. Can anything in the world we make guarantee us eternal happiness? Can it guarantee us the peace of God? And is that not what we seek - what we feel absent from our awareness?

Namaste - Ron


01-06-2004 10:24:58

From the other side of the dualistic life we lead, what abundance are you looking for, and are you being precise in your request? Many people have asked for abundance and receive a response in ways they didn't want - more weight than they wanted - more debts than they wanted - more of a lot of things they claim they did not want. Can you have it all? Certainly, but can you be patient while it all appears? Your ego will very close by to convince you otherwise. And again, what is the all you are seeking in this world. Is it contentment? Is it simply seeing your world in love and peace? Or is it a different house or car or career? Remember to be specific in what it is you desire - very specific!

Namaste - Ron


06-09-2004 19:05:17

I would like to address this unlimited abundance guestion, as I started on this wonderful path of spirituality there were wonderful happenings in my life. I loved it, it was wonderful! Then I started looking around me and found that one of the things that I was lacking was money, big mistake! I began creating that, and at the same time trying to manifest money. I became very discouraged.
Just writing this comment I see my error, oh my, I am doing it to myself. I began measuring my spirituality on how much money I wasn't manifesting in my life and judging myself! So to me that meant I was doing something wrong. Which came from my thoughts of lack and what wasn't there...oops!
I think I can now turn this around...
I have been measuring my spirituality by what I don't have, wrong move huh? Childhood learning...
In manifesting, think about what you want and be thankful of how much you have!
I will write that on the blackboard 100 times!

chris knight

06-09-2004 20:10:32

Then I started looking around me and found that one of the things that I was lacking was money, big mistake! I began creating that,...
Hi Deanna,

Excellent observation! A secret as I reflect on every great success that I am able to achieve in this physical world really comes down to my ability to focus continually on what I want to attract rather than what I don't want to attract.

Negative thinking or thinking about what I don't want is really, really, really, really (did I mention, Really) expensive.

It's much more prosperous to focus only on what you want rather than what you don't have.

Much riches to you in all forms of currency on this fun human journey. 8)

You were meant to be rich.


07-09-2004 18:27:49

Thank you Chris...
I love the "You are meant to be rich!"
I know I am! I feel it down deep.
Now if I can get out of my own way.

chris knight

07-09-2004 21:07:32

I love the "You are meant to be rich!"
I know I am! I feel it down deep.


After I had written that statement...I had to even step back from my keyboard as chills came over me...as I considered the truth behind that statement.

Being rich is the only way to attract more riches...no different than being love is the best way to attract love.

Takes money to make money and it takes love to make love.

Hmmm... Ok, I'll stop there, but there are some solid themes here that I'd like to use for my first book on this topic... or at least it might be fun to create a quote book out of this line of discussion. D