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Pray Healing


10-01-2005 01:03:48

Hello. I have Dr. Dyer's Power of Intention on CD. On CD #1, Dr. Dyer talks about healing. He states that you shouldn't pray to be healed but to pray healing. I have thought, and thought and have done more thinking about this statement and can't figure out how to do this. If anyone has any suggestions, insights on this, I would be very grateful to hear.

I love this forum! Thanks


10-01-2005 09:10:28

A difficult concept. It’s easier if you have an understanding of Quantum Mechanical concepts like the particle/wave “duality” and non-locality. The universe unfolds anew in every moment. Causality is illusion, Maya. Time is illusion, Maya. All possibilities exist simultaneously in the Implicate Order, The Dirac Sea, The Ground of Existence or, The Source. To pray for healing re-enforces the Newtonian paradigm of causality, “If A, then B.” It reality, “A” and “B” are contained in each other. We create (wittingly or unwittingly) everything we experience in a seamless unfolding that only appears to be linear.


10-01-2005 19:57:20

Hi Chris - you wrote "you shouldn't pray to be healed but to pray healing"

"Pray healing" for me is nothing more than changing my mind about what I believe I have - I do not have this illness or disease. "Pray healing" is about our seeing ourselves as complete and whole beings, not vulnerable to any sickness or disease. The illness or disease we believe we have is but a thought we have within our mind. Changing that thought, will change the disease - it will no longer be present. It is all about letting go of what we do not need - thoughts of fear.

Namaste - Ron