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Intention Power - 4. The Face of Beauty - Discussion

chris knight

30-05-2004 20:37:01

Intention Power - 4. The Face of Beauty

The face of beauty is truth, honesty and a knowing that what "is" -- is exactly as it should be. You can use this power by re-framing any negative thoughts you have towards others and replace them with an appreciation (a thankfulness attitude) towards them.

What is your "Truth"?


01-06-2004 11:14:59

This is pretty deep young man - in fact deep is where my truth is - deep within my Spirit. My truth is that which I AM and forever will be. I am not this body I see reflected in a mirror but I AM beyond that illusion. I AM as I was created by God - an image of God - a likeness of God - as God is, I AM. That is my truth. Now how can I live this truth? I can extend that which I am to others I see and see within them, the image and likeness of God reflected back to me. This is what "Namaste" is all about - the God in me sees the God in you. The word "truth" is like the word "love" - neither can be described in our world - they can only be experienced.

Namaste - Ron