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Intention Power - 2. The Face of Kindness - Discussion

chris knight

30-05-2004 20:34:23

Intention Power - 2. The Face of Kindness

Any great power that can bring energy and thought into physical form must come out of kindness. This is manifested with the power of positive thinking and an intent to do good. The law of reciprocity can only reward kind intentions.

Reward someone you know or don't know with an act of kindness today.


01-06-2004 10:29:14

Dyer is coming from the Course with this one, as are most of his thoughts. What we see in front of us is what is being reflected back to us of ourselves. How we see others is how we see ourselves. When you look upon another, do you see the Spirit in them looking back at you? If not, then the Spirit in you is not looking at them. What you give, you get! It is a cycle of the life we make - what you give, you also recieve. Wouldn't it be great if we just gave love to all we see today? Guess what we would receive as well?

Namaste - Ron


06-10-2004 11:47:50

It is my Intention! And when I think of the following quotes I act on kindness, create energy and encourage others to do the same.

Be An Angel Of Kindness
In All Ways

Put on a warm smiling face D
And let your address be...
Sunshine Place!

Oh and don't forget this one...

Let there be peace on earth
and let it begin with me!

Have a Blessed Day To All!