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Intention Power - 1. The Face of Creativity - Discussion

chris knight

30-05-2004 20:31:31

Intention Power - 1. The Face of Creativity

The first law of intention is to recognize the face of creativity. Creativity in business or your personal life is really about innovation and creating something from nothing using the power of your mind. Creativity is in you, whether you believe it or not.

What have you created today? idea


01-06-2004 13:23:49

One thing that will always stick with me about the word "create" is this God creates, I make. In my world I believe I have created what I see; what I see is projection of my thoughts from my mind. So the conclusion could easily be that what I believe in, what I believe I create, is nothing more than an illusion of my imagination. If I choose to see peace in my world, I choose peace from the truth within me. It is my reality and not an illusion. If I choose otherwise, I will be seeing an illusion that I have given value to. So what have I "created" today? I have "created" my world and how I view it.

Namaste - Ron


06-12-2004 17:00:42

Creativity....hmmm.....I think my biggest leap into creativity is to know that I can be creative. It amazes me how hard it is to strip oneself of our dictated identity and allow for our inner self to come forward and play! wink

I am now spontanious and a leader. I enjoy my days in the way that I choose to. For me this is creativity because at times I need to brainstorm ideas in which direction I want to go. I always thought I was only capable of following and now I know I need to say so long to the manufactured me.

So today I took my Lab puppy and my husband took our golden retriever for an awesome nature walk in the woods along the lake. It was spontanious and creative and enjoyable. A couple of years ago we would have stayed home to tackle chores and we would have never thought about even buying our puppy when we already have a dog! To me manufactoring your own life and what belongs in it is the essence of creativity!


23-04-2005 21:47:29

I like this question Chris!

Let's see...I co-created health for my body by exercising and feasting with my extended family...which in turn created joy... and a very full belly after losing weight with illness & injury... which created sleepy, calm feelings of healing and a grateful return to my former lifestyle of not having to monitor every bite for bad reactions in my body.

I bought cards for three different colleagues today who are in three different life situations.... which creates friendshipsand extends kindness... I responded lovingly to my spouse and child... which created comfort and more love... and to myself I created forgiveness and acceptance which creates healing.

If I had to choose only one word to describe myself it would be Creative. For me, this is the most "corrosion free" link to my source.

I have been collecting words and mag. photos to create a new dream map about healing for myself. Dream maps are a creative fun way to manifest, "think from the end" and attract. wink


27-04-2005 13:04:46

This makes me feel good to read!
It makes me wonder why some people are so afraid of being creative in any sense.


04-08-2005 07:32:52

I, too prefer not to think that I create, I would never refer to myself as a "Creator" I "manifested" the man that I am married to. He is everything that "I intended" and I was given even more than "I wanted" in a mate ( How silly to limit myself)
Believe it or not I manifested the most beautiful cat shock I believe that this animal came in to my life as a sign that I can and will manifest all of my dreams The good ones and the bad The little ones and the big
Blessings to you for reminding me of these things, Mamagik