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Intention and detachment


11-10-2004 05:08:02


I'll try and describe this correctly, as i'm trying to become more at peace with myself and the perfection of the life process. I'm very intreasted in Wayne's work and also the book Conversations with God. Who cares if that book is true, what a wonderful way to live your life!!

One thing that is taught and seems correct to me is "detachment from outcome", now the problem is achiving it. While this might be a little difficult on it's own, I'm sure through effort you could achive it.

But the real problem comes from the Visualization, often when I feel happy, at peace etc I'm very actively thinking peaceful things and imaging myself in situations were I am sending, love and peace out into the world, it makes me feel really good and centered. However as these scenes play out in my head a problem begins that i'm getting attached to the outcome in my mind.

While this is not always a problem, it can be in certain times. For example if i'm picturing something in my mind, then shortly after sometime happens to suggest something otherwise that I was thinking, i'm dropped out of the peaceful state and into one of "I can't", "Everything is wrong" etc

It seems this is setting myself to be out of a place I want to be, even though it's the real main thing that gets me into that place. You could imagine different outcomes and being happy with whatever happens, the problem here is that you are putting your attention on things you really won't like to happen and if you go by Wayne's teachings your then more likely to attract that thing which you don't want, follow?

Idea's, thoughts, sugguestions?


11-10-2004 07:24:50

Detaching from the outcome - it's a hard thing to do at times. I'm going to give you an example of how I've seen it work in my own life. Boy, oh boy, I hope this makes sense to someone else besides just me! LOL

I'm going to go with a response that would probably be better suited to another post somewhere on these forums. But, I "lost" that post somewhere.....)
Let's say, as the old country and western song goes, that "we're looking for love (in all the wrong places)" We're on a quest. We need a soulmate and by golly, we're going to manifest one. We want to see love in our lives, lots and lots of love. So, we go searching, examining every human we meet and wondering if they're the ONE. The world around us keeps on turning and we are frustrated and irritated because we've been doing the meditations and the visualizations and thinking positively and hey, guess what, it's just not happening. We've put it out in the Universe and we're getting no response.
In reality, it IS happening, we're just missing it. We think that love has to show up as a soulmate, partner, whatever you want to call it. That little puppy who's tail was wagging his body because he was so happy to see you is love. That little giggle we get from the toddler in the grocery store because we took a moment to connect is love. That hug from a child for no reason at all is love. The dove who trills her heart out every morning on your back lawn is love.
When we become open to receiving, not as we visualize it, but as the Universe sends it, then we are able have the experience that we are trying to manifest.



11-10-2004 08:17:20

So i guess what your saying is that it's okay to visualize events but don't become attached to the actual event itself but the feeling or sponsoring thought is what matters and what will show, rather than the actuall even pictured?


11-10-2004 19:48:31

Oh, goody!!! You did understand!!! And I thought that I didn't have enough coffee to make sense this morning.....

In my world, I have discovered that behind every desire is a feeling that I want to experience. I can picture it a certain way, but that is not necessarily how that feeling is fulfilled. If I look to the bigger picture and ask how the Universe is taking care of that feeling, then I never feel as though I am "missing" anything.

Just my experience along the path.....glad you're on it with me!! And, of course, I always give out what I most need to learn - this one I really need a reality check on again. Thanks for the reminder!!!