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Power of Intention Book Review by Janiss Garza

chris knight

15-09-2004 07:49:14

Janiss Garza of "All Spirit Fitness" did a review this week on Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention book.

Here is an excerpt
"It's easy to argue that Wayne Dyer, like most other writers in the self-help field, is conveying nothing new, that his message is the same one that has been offered by dozens of excellent writers in the past. While there's certainly truth in that contention, it's also irrelevant."

Source http://allspiritfitness.com/library/books/bl_Power-Intention_Dyer.shtml
cover or cover
The Secrets of the Power of Intention

I like her perspective... about how it's irrelevant that the material is similar to Wayne's past books -- but her review is worth a read.

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15-09-2004 09:02:37

Perhaps, just perhaps, there really isn't any NEW message for us - just the same message repeated because we didn't get it the first time or the hundreth time. And perhaps, the message is as simple as believing in the truth of who and what we are. We are apparently still holding out for we are still here.

Namaste - Ron