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Playing "The Match Game"

Celtic Lass

17-08-2004 11:38:53

Hello to All!

I just found this board today - thank you for creating it!

On Dr. Dyer's current PBS show The Power of Intention, at the end Dr. Dyer mentions the "Dyer Dozen". I wrote them down, but when got to the "Match Game", I could not write fast enough to get his explaination. I know that it was discussed earlier in the show, but if someone could please give me some info it would be appreciated!



11-09-2004 18:49:54

Hello Celtic Lass,

I hope your still around or at least you've found the information you were looking for.

I found that Dr. Dyer has the Match Game in his book "The Power of Intention" . I understand that this book is copyrighted so I want to respect this.

I recommend buying the book. It will change your life, it has mine. If you aren't able to purchase it at this time check with your local library many are carrying this book now and you can be blessed by reading it and take notes as you go.