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Quote from Power of Intention


14-07-2004 08:24:29

When I read this line in the book it stuck in my mind. I got the idea of putting it on an image to set on my desktop (in the middle) because I see this space so much it's good to have something GOOD there to see (and remember)

Thanks, Chris for uploading it for me till I get my own space.

He also uploaded the others I had made, but they are on a webpage right now (they are my "first" experiments and mainly to try different ways of adding text and learning plugin-effects in Photoshop. Not so much for the actual quotes, which aren't all by Wayne Dyer.)


I hadn't made webpages in a lont time and was setting up a few pages last night and having to strain my brain to remember some of it.

I didn't play on making an actual website- and Angelfire is so full of ads to work around. But, I got a few pages done. And noticed right off Angelfire (which apparently links the ads to what's on the page) had ads on for Wayne Dyer books and stuff


~ Carrie


03-08-2004 14:49:48


You did a fine job with the quote and the photo!


03-08-2004 16:13:27

Thanks, Nan

I have pages of quotes and affirmations I'm collecting.

Not sure about using ones that are actually by someone (part of a copyrighted book) but... I think there is something called "Fair use" where you can use up to a certain number of words, if you give credit for where they come from.

And, I'm not making money from it.

I've been putting ones I make on a website not very organized.


I make them as I think of them, and put them together.

My next project is a screensaver with all the same background (maybe pastels) and quotes from one source. I have a few I can use, like A Course in Miracles (one edition of it is now in public domain and no longer copyright) and an ebook someone wrote, based on Abraham-Hicks, that I have permission to use quotes from.

Don't think Wayne would object, but he has a publisher, so might not matter what he thinks.

There's so much NOT copyrighted, or available (or I can make up myself) at this point I'm using that.

Still mainly for myself, to remind ME.

~ Carrie


05-08-2004 15:20:53


That website with all those backgrounds you created is simply wonderful. I felt healed just looking at them all. Thank you for that gift!!!

chris knight

12-08-2004 20:36:40

I went out tonight and took this picture

Just fell into a creative mood, enhanced the photo (digital photography is a hobby of mine) and added a caption that reflected what I was thinking at the moment I took the shot. Picture was taken about an hour ago as the sun was setting.

Thought of you Carrie and your images, so here's one more from me to add to the mix.