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INTENTION affirmation


04-07-2004 10:28:21

First one I made yesterday, after getting the idea while reading the book.

Probably it should have a small reference to what it's from and who wrote it on the bottom. But this is just a sample, and was mainly intended for my own use, on my computer desktop. And for practicing making it. The picture started out as daisies out beside the road.

I want pictures that don't distract from the words. I changed this with an effect filter in Photoshop.

I can't link a picture here directly with the free websites I now have, but put it on a page.


I haven't gotten to the point in this yet where I'd need to find out about using quotes from a book (with credit) in a bigger way.

And I'm not selling them. Seems like it woudl be good publicity for the book (with the name and author on the bottom of the picture)?

Any ideas?

~ Carrie


04-07-2004 14:28:39


There are a lot of web sites with quotes on them that give you permission to use them. Just do a google search on quotes and you will find all you need. D

I have a "Sage Sayings" block on my web site that puts up random quotes. I got all of them off of the web.



04-07-2004 14:47:13

I wonder how Wayne Dyer and his publisher (which I believe in now Hay House) feels about this?

Like quotes, with credit to him and the book given.

I once had a website with "good stuff" like links to various teachers, and one was Abraham-Hicks. I know there are many websites and boards based on this, where quotes are used (and I wasn't making any money from mine, it was just "sharing" with a link to their website). But, I got the idea of writing to them about it. So I could put "used with permission from Abraham-Hicks" on the website.

Well... I was surprised. I emailed the address on their website, thinking I'd get one back saying "sure you can put a few quotes on, with a link to our website!" I mean, it wasn't anything being published or making me any money. And I only asked them about it, out of respect.

I got back an email saying I had to give them my snail mail name and address because they had to send me written info about using any of their quotes in anyway. This wasn't Jerry and Ester or course, someone at their office.

So I did. I received several pages of "rules and guidelines"- which said that EVERYTHING quoted by them had to be sent to them first for preapproval. And that if anything was used without doing this, they would not hesitate to take legal action. (note I've heard Abraham say on tapes that it's never a good idea to sue anyone, the negative energy it creates isn't worth it). It didn't seem at all like Abraham (and Jerry and Ester) on the workshop tapes I've listened to over and over.

I kind of resented it at first, it seemed like such a contradiction to what they teach. And, as I said I know many websites and groups basied on Abraham where material is quoted, and it isn't sent to them for preapproval first!

I heard a story when I first got into Abe how Jerry and Esther weren't even going to copyright it, but they were told if they didn't, anyone else could (copyright it) and sell it and they couldn't do anything about it. So, they started to, just to protect it from this.

Anyway, I didn't put up an Abraham-Hicks page on the website. I would have thought they'd have wanted this. A few of their quotes (not making me any money) with a link to their home page, where new people might find it and buy some of their books and tapes.

I got over it, and now see it as applying what Abraham says TO ME and my life, and not deciding what Jerry, Esther and their office/business should or shouldn't do.

Maybe they don't even know about this and maybe I was the only one who ever ASKED THEM for permission to post a few quotes on my website.

~ Carrie


07-07-2004 11:15:57


All of the quotes I use on my site are now public domain -- like quotes from Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Emmerson, etc. I know that if you quote an author in an academic paper all you have to do is site the source in a bibliography. Since you are not making any money off of the quotes, i.e. you're not selling them, it shouldn't matter, as long as you site the source. This is even true now of web sites.

Just FYI....