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Dolphin Swim anyone? (picture of one kissing me)

chris knight

06-10-2004 23:08:30

Jil from Canada (wd.inspiresyou.com board member jillyc) and I were discussing the joys of swimming with the dolphins ...actually, it was Jil that has snorkel'd with the dolphins and I only got a kiss from one a few years ago

What an incredible experience that was!

I can onlly imagine the thrill of being underwater with one of these incredibly intelligent and loving animals.

I am planning on a trip to snorkel with the dolphins in 2005.

Anyone else ever do this?


08-10-2004 07:28:52

I couldn't resist coming and putting a picture that Chris hasn't seen yet and giving you all the link to swim with wild dolphins too... it is amazing and not at all comparable to swimming with the tame ones...


This picture was taken by Scott Smith, the captain of the Dolphin Dream Boat http://www.cooljoy.com/dolphin They leave from West Palm Beach to go over to the Bahamas for 5 days and it is so incredible - I have been 5 times and would go again tomorrow if I could.


27-10-2004 11:29:36

I totally am doing this , this winter! I am so excited to make this dream come true (