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Can you become free of ego?


05-11-2004 10:06:17

When you finally come to the realization that you are the ego you are trying to get rid of, you will begin to grasp that you cannot become free of it while you beleive you exist in this body. The ego certainly ceases upon the experience of death - the body ceases to be of any further value. But until that time, you are it! So if you cannot become free of it, what is the other alternative? Being at peace with it. Sounds strange at first, but try it once and then judge. Ego can be viewed like a frightened child - always living in fear - and never knowing love. It will always search for something but it never knows what and when it thinks it finds it, it ony continues to search more. That is us! When we are aware that we are not satisfied in this life - that no matter what we accomplish - have - it is never enough - we want more. And we have a multitude of addictions that we call this. So what do you do with a child that knows nothing of love and lives in fear? You comfort it! You offer it love - just a little at a time. You console it. You pamper it to some degree and most of all you begin to come to terms with yourself about it. The ego will become quieter as you begin to notice it with love. Instead of fighting against it, lay down your resistance and allow it to fall into your love. Ego is here as you for the duration of this life. Live with it in harmony and enjoy a more peaceful existence. Why live an illusion of fear whern it is just as easy to live an illusion of love?

Namaste - Ron

Blind Squirrel

31-03-2005 12:40:24

I love your deep and thoughtful insights.
Living in fear, never knowing love is a good description of one trapped in the cycles of addictive behavior.

Living in fear in 1990, I was wanting my life to end, but not having whatever it takes to commit the ultimate act of self criticism, I just wallowed in guilt and depression.

I asked, "what would Jesus do"? Or, what consciousness would flow, from the Christ Mind, to act upon this set of circumstances to help me be rid of the demons. Or, the thought forms of self destruction that keep me endlessly trapped in the cycle of defeat, failure, and heartbreak.

This all came one rainy afternoon and a clear voice spoke into me ear and said, "forgive yourself and they will lose their power over you"

Your description of the ego is the starting point for this process of learning the experience the gap.


06-04-2005 23:01:13


That was a wonderful message. Thank you. That paragraph put things more into perspective than a number of books... -)



24-09-2005 11:19:55

Out of all the things I've gained insights on while pursuing this journey is the difficulty of getting rid of my ego...I normally call it my E-GOO coz it's like that to me...yucky gooey...know what I mean?

I have friends telling me...'Nah! Can't get rid of the ego coz it serves a purpose in defining Who You Are as a person in relation to an experience.'

That's all well and good and quite a healthy defense for e-goo, but most of the time, I find my e-goo taking shape in many, many forms via my mind stories. Let me show you a few examples here

On bad days, my e-goo looks like this....


On good days, it kinda looks like this...

Well, hope you get the picture now! D http://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000007.gifhttp://www.smileys.ws/sm/yahoo/00000060.gif