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Question about starting meditation


05-12-2005 16:26:21

Hi my name is Adriana, I'm from Argentina but since 4 years ago I live Denver, CO.
I have a question regarding how to start meditating.
I've read almost all Wayne's books but I never have tried meditating as I thought it's very difficult and I do not even know from where to start. Could you please recommend me the best CD collection and the best book that you think is good for a starter on the meditation? I'd really appreciate as I want to start meditating to change my life for the better. lol




05-12-2005 19:05:44

"Getting in the Gap" Wayne Dyer, comes with a meditation CD, all for about $18.00 US


05-12-2005 20:29:05

Thank you so much! wink