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George Michael New Song: Flawless

chris knight

07-10-2004 16:42:19

In George Michael's newest album (Patience), he has a song called, "Flawless" that has some interesting lyrics

'Cause you’re beautiful
(Like no other)
'Cause you’re beautiful
flawless, absolutely flawless
You are perfect, just the way you are.
You are beautiful.

While there can be multiple interpretations for his lyrics in this song, I thought I would interpret them as meaning you are perfect, exactly as you are suppose to be. You are beautiful. Flawless. Exactly as you are.



12-10-2004 10:35:50

I like the lyrics to the song too - and I try hard to remember that everyone I meet is perfect the way they are too. Even when I don't like a particular behavior or trait. I know that each person I cross paths with is meant to be the way they are - and maybe the way they are is to teach me a lesson that is important for me to learn.


14-01-2006 05:45:26

I love Gerogie Peorgie! Thanks for sharing those lyrics Chris!