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becoming highly attractive


04-10-2004 21:16:06

This clearly is an intriguing heading. My understanding is that attractiveness has more to do with the mind than the actual body. There are numerous case examples of people who look beautiful in pictures but in person you wonder where there attractiveness went. the flip sode os also true. I read someplace that inner beauty is more visible than the outer beauty.



24-10-2004 18:16:36

This sure is an intriguing subject. From my understanding and my experience *attractiveness* has to do with the "Energy levels". If you share someone's *Energy*, it makes them beautiful, attractive to you, no matter what *Coat* (physical body) they are wearing as it happens on a Soul Level.


24-10-2004 22:41:42

I definitely follow this logic, where if you are in synchrony and can match the vibrations than the perception is ultimate beauty. If you do stay at high levels, do you look attractive to people in general with or without synchrony?


14-08-2005 11:05:13

hmmmm...good question I think this one is no? (Yoda accent) lol

But seriously, I think that once a person starts glowing, one begins to see the beauty. I think it's one of God's most biggest challenges for us. To make us sit back and take our time to see a person's inner beauty. This is something that is not easy to 'see'.

Since the modern world moves fast and requires that we fulfill its unlimited needs fast too, we don't take the time to cultivate and notice our inner beauty least of all another persons. We're all in a rush and that extra cup of coffee ain't going to help any. lol

Another thought I've just had is that being attractive to someone else isn't the criterion; I'd like to be attractive to myself.

For example, there are days when I'm really attracted to a lot of people outside me but when the fascination ends, I look to myself and find that I'm grateful to be meeeee! I try to take time to notice those inner qualities that make me beautiful! Heehee! wink And not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I like the love that I have in me. I also like the temper tantrums I have. I'm trying a lot especially to accept wholeheartedly my flaws, which include my fears. When I can face them, I can realise that their intent doesn't serve me any purpose and that I 'made it all up' which brings me closer to my inner beauty.