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Are our preferences notes from source?


02-01-2005 21:47:20

Hi there,

I'm so pleased to find this forum - for I have had many questions on my mind lately..so I am happy to find this community of people who are also on the same path. I'm trying hard to implement the ideas in The Power of Intention in my life and I have seen some results. I want to drive headlong into all the ideas but it is hard to leave the world of reason when everyone you know is in it!

One idea that particularly intrigues me is the idea that our preferences and desires are the universal mind speaking through us. I interpret this to mean that I will eventually find whatever it is that I desire. Along the way, I feel as if I keep getting clues (or signs) that keep pushing me forward. Oddly, the signs always appear at the exact moment when I am filled with doubt. I would have given up my quest long ago if it wasn't for those signs.

In the rational world, my quest is a bit crazy - but if I really just trust in the spirit of these signs, the only thing to do is to keep going forward. But sometime I wonder if what I want is really good for me- you know that old idea about being careful what you wish for... If the universal spirit is working inside me by providing the motivation and desires to go forward toward a goal, can it also be so intelligent to give me desires that would be good for me?

I would love to hear the stories of other people out there who have recieved what they consider to be signs from source and the results of following those signs.