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01-12-2004 07:40:33

I have found a new healing technique that sounds wonderful! It is called Quantum Touch. It sounds a lot like Reiki but much faster and more effective. Their web site is...


I have ordered the Video Workshop...I am excited about this...
Has anyone ever heard of this before?


03-12-2004 05:30:44

I have not heard of it, but it does sound very exciting. Keep us posted on your experiences.


22-01-2005 18:35:20

I am letting you know what I have found about Quantum Touch Healing. It is fantastic! Anyone can learn this...it is the healing life force energy, you learn to access through different breathing techniques. I have tried this myself and it really works. I have been haunting the message board on their site, it is amazing what people are accomplishing.
What an absolutely wonderful knowledge this is! I am Reiki certified, the Quantum Touch puts the umph into Reiki big time!
If anyone is interested in this, visit their web site...
click on message board,
and take a look...it full of Wayne Dyer type people...


21-12-2005 05:07:53

never heard of this Quantum Touch Healing before. but anyways may give it a try later. I however came to know of another sort of healing Devilís Claw healing from http://www.globalthreads.com/forum/ShowPost-19965.aspx This is a natural for of treatment and is used in healing arthritis, fever, indigestion etc.