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Dis-ease is just an energy that's incompatible with chi...

chris knight

04-10-2004 22:09:02

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Wayne Dyer

"Higher energy means taking total responsibility, and blaming no one. This even relates to how we conquer or succumb to disease. Send love to cancer, to joint pain. Experience peace, joy and bliss by keeping a conscious connection to God and to love.

Holistic health, mind / body / spirit, is nothing short of Christ energy. Dis-ease is just an energy that's incompatible with the chi, the life energy, that we're created with. When we keep our attentions and intentions on health, we live by healthy choices." -Wayne Dyer

Source http://www.aquarius-atlanta.com/may/heal2.html

This is one area that I focus on quite a bit as it seems that today's world (me blaming it) makes it so easy to stray off the health-choices path. Only when I am living under 100% total personal responsibility am I able to make better health & fitness choices for my physical body.

How about you?

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