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03-10-2004 23:18:45

Paraphrase Wayne Dyer
I don't have time to get sick so I make time to stay well.


Communicating the importance of fitness to my male patients begins with their understanding, comprehension and connection to maintaining
healthy sexual performance at any age. The first sign of wellness deficiency begins with declining sexual vigor. This is also when we capture equal attention from their significant other.

Our greatest example is Dr. Li Chung Yun (1677-1933), the oldest human of record outside the Bible who maintained fitness, wellness and sexual vigor throughout his lifetime noting he was with his 24th wife when he expired at 256.

Many folks experience major health catastrophies before pursuing wellness compliance.

Losing sexual vigor is considered a major health catastrophy of greater magnitude than heart disease and cancer as discovered from patient questionnaires and consultations. It is also a leading cause of relationship problems of greater magnitude than unsuccessful money management, challenges with substance abuse, gambling and other common factors.

Our male patient communication reveals wellness compliance is rooted in fear of losing sexual vigor over cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other disorders.

I strongly encourage your participation in this discussion as this will help everyone reach a greater depth of understanding.

The core to understanding wellness motivation is an important key for all of us. Thank you for your participation and contributing to our discussion.

chris knight

04-10-2004 07:06:30

The first sign of wellness deficiency begins with declining sexual vigor.

I had just heard an expert doctor on Oprah a few week ago mention the same thing.

The whole audience snickered as the doctor said basically if a guy could not maintain an erection, it was an early warning indicator of other problems related to obesity, heart disease, etc...

That same doctor also said that by having an orgasm ~4 times a week would extend your life by 6 years. Who am I to argue! D


04-10-2004 09:57:36

Thank you Chris.

The most classic example is Class II diabetics who all become impotent or experience various levels of decreased sexual vigor.

When I discuss this with my diabetic patients, they listen with intense and sincere interest because they know I am seeing right to the core of their body. This is when the men tell me the truth about their declining sexual vigor, how it has hindered their relationship, and we explore solutions
beginning with aerobic conditioning starting with walking 30 minutes daily.
Next, we explore immediate solutions
Viagra, 100mg 60 minutes before sexual activity.
Everyone complains about the cost, however they never complain about the benefits with continued refills.
Once the patient achieves a greater level of aerobic and strength conditioning, Viagra may be discontinued. In lazy patients, Viagra becomes a permanent crutch and eventually, they experience heart disorders and Viagra must be discontinued. This is when the men tell me they would rather die of a heart attack during sexual intercourse than continuing living without sexual activity! I can not continue their prescriptions and these patients seek other sources.
Additionally, successful weight loss will eliminate most cases of Class II diabetes.
Is anybody interested in calculating your present risk for Class II diabetes?
The first step is calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). I will give the formula for calculating BMI if anybody is interested. Find your present level and this indicates your risk for developing Class II diabetes. If you are at risk, speak with your physician about initiating a sensible exercise program that must include aerobic training for circulatory enhancement.

Next, is anybody interested in determining if you have low thyroid? There is a simple home test more accurate than blood thyroid profiles. If anybody is interesed, I will give you this formula so you may determine if you have a true case of low thyroid.

Special thanks to Chris for making this format available to all of us in sharing how we can experience The Power of Intention!

Also, I see Wayne Dyer has become a member of this discussion board.
Let's hear a round of applause for our buddy Wayne Dyer who continues to give us inspiration. That's what I'm talking about.