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Thoughts are no different than your daily dose of medicine

chris knight

16-10-2004 21:17:17

Came across this tonight from Ted Borgeas and wanted to share it

1. Take your thoughts seriously. In many incidents, people don't give this serious consideration. Many will let the media fill our thoughts. Thoughts are no different than your daily dose of medicine. Only you have control of the prescription.


He has some other thoughts on prosperity that are worth reading at the above URL. 8)


06-11-2004 13:59:16

If you believe you are what you hold in your thoughts, then you also believe that if you are experienceing an illness, it is because you are holding that thought as well. Thoughts being our medicine is correct in that by changing our mind, we can cure what we believe we have. Some might say this is stretching a bit, but when you take a pill, you believe that the pill will make you feel better at least, and so it appears to. If you thought that the pill would do nothing, it would also appear that way. You create the world you believe you see with the thoughts you believe you project. So the power is all yours within your thoughts.

Namaste - Ron