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Belief: I attract abundance

chris knight

08-10-2004 23:56:43

A useful belief and something you may want to discuss with or remind yourself

I attract unlimited abundance.

Abundance flows continuously into my life.

Be abundance...and be willing to give it away.

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09-10-2004 12:26:26


We have a powerball drawing tonight that is worth
somewhere in the ballpark of 200 million dollars.
I hear all the people planning to spend their
winnings tomorrow morning. Most people say they
would tell their boss goodbye and just enjoy life then.
Its just my humble opinion after being on top of the
money heap and also being on the bottom of the heap
that you can live a wonderful life without millions of
dollars. Please do not plan on waiting to live life
until you have money, sometimes the universe has
different plans for you.

I went to a retirement party
last month for my foreman, and there were 4 older
retirees there who told me how disapppointing retirement
is. For years they saved every nickle and minute for the
day they would tell the boss goodbye, and within 12 months,
2 retirees have malignant cancer and 2 retirees are spending
all their money on their spouses care because the spouses have
malignant cancer.

I am not saying to not store up any reserves for the future,
that would just be silly advice. But I am saying that to put all
your hopes and dreams on a better life in the future without
celebrating todays sunrise might end up being very disappointing.

Love to you all,



24-10-2004 18:35:24

Fear, doubt, anxiety and disbelief keep abundance from us.

Faith, love and gratitude for the gifts, the *presents* of our lives keep energy and abundance flowing.

Just Trust.....


06-11-2004 13:55:13

Ever know someone who wanted "it all" and then was seen as gaining weight? Or ever know someone who wanted it all, and was presented with a multitude of health issues? Abundance is not what ego defines abundance as, but is the knowing that we already have all that is from All That Is. We are abundant, we are prosperous just being who we are in our Truth.

Namaste - Ron