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Prosperity and abundance


07-10-2004 18:32:53

Here is an issue that confuses manypeople. They want prosperity - wealth - and they want abundance - a lot of prosperity - and so they focus, meditate, eat, live and sleep with this thought. Some of them get the results of their intentions - there is enough money to pay the bills, and enough food to feed the family, but they don't see it because they are looking far beyond.

Others get what they intended also - an abundance of debt - an abundance of body weight - an abundance of illness.

And there are others who appear to others as being prosperous (having money - lots of money) and abundance (having lots of everything) and even these people are blind to what they received and are still intent on more.

There are some who know deep within themselves that what they really seek, they already have. That the treasures that are most precious are within them. They know that they truly have no wants, no needs and no desires for material things of the world they make. And these people are always in a position of having enough of everything, and being content with it.

I remember a person once who was intent on winning the lottery and with the winning he would do this and that, there and here, and so on. Is this a clear intention? If it looks confusing to you, think what the Universe sees it as.

It is find to intend for prosperity and abundance in your life, but do it such a way that you are sure of the intention - be sure why you want this. But be sure to always be aware of what is happening in your life in response to your request. You may find that the money you needed will show up for you - recognize it as a result of your intention - don't just write it off as being lucky. Luck does not exist in your world!

Namaste - Ron


12-10-2004 10:46:22

I constntly strive to be like your comments in paragraph 4. I know that we can continously work at being closer to what we desire. And like anything we desire - practice will only make us better. Like I have heard Wayne Dyer say "I am not there yet" I too am not there yet - although I am a work always in progress.