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giving, saving, hoarding


15-11-2006 05:20:05

I'm sure this is a simple one, but how does one get to the "truth" when faced with the dilema of "giving" vs. "saving" for one's future, the security of family, etc. I mean, I understand that "hoarding" "clogs" the way, stops the circle of flow and all, but it also takes a lot of faith to just say "ok, I'm going to spend or give away all my money knowing that it's going to come back to me". So my question in a nutshell is "how do we reconcile the law of giving with saving" - thanks ever so much!


18-11-2006 11:31:32

Hi Kenneth,
You are so right in the fact that hoarding creates a clog in the system. It's like we are telling the Universe that we are feeling a sense of lack or not enough and that's what the universe gives us back. Think more of giving with some balance. We obviously do not want to give away everything because that would create a hardship. How about giving of yourself. Sharing your time, talents, or ideas with others. Giving doesn't necessarily need to be money. At least that's my view. Other thoughts from you all?