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How to find love and beauty in everyone

SG in TN

15-06-2006 21:32:05

Ok I am new to this but when I accidentaly came across Wayne Dyer's PBS special a few weeks ago....I was hooked. I truely believe that what he says is true. I even worked on changing my own negative thinking and found some wonderful results.
What I have trouble with is how can we find love and beauty in everyone. Such as terrorists...or other people who spend their lives taking pleasure in causing pain to others?
I know that there are people who have had family members brutally killed and then found peace and were able to find forgiveness. I have often wondered how they can do this. I admire them but doubt that I could do the same.
Also, what about the people who are born into extreme poverty ect....this world is an illusion ...I do get that but hunger can seem very real.
It just confuses me a bit.
Could someone help me get a grasp on all this?