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Hypochondria and Anxiety


03-02-2006 16:30:41

It isn't always easy is it? I'm sure many people read our 'positive' comments and think, "who are these people?" But we all have our moments. We all have times we must work through. My negative moments don't involve my purpose, that's perfectly clear. My moments involve my hypochondria. I could sit down and tell you all the psychological 'reasons' doctors say I am the way I am but that doesn't excuse the fact that I'm 40 years old and still bothered by them. Do they rear their ugly heads every day? No, they don't. Truth is, most days I'm perfectly content from dawn to dusk. But then a pain and my mind starts it's crazy spiral. It's like it's out of control and even though I know I'm being silly it's hard to get out of it. I intend to rid myself of those dreadful feelings, and I've been making progress but then another horrible thought process begins. I'm so tired of this happening. I can honestly say it's the one last thing that holds me back from being 100 percent at peace with everything in my life. I know... I know... our bodies are just a shell designed to house our spirit. THAT is what we really are. I tell myself that all the time. And yet, it still happens from time to time. Too often. I used to smoke but quit. I now eat health and I exercise. That does help. I'm so happy and inspired every day! My life is wonderful! I love everyone I meet, I do what I can to help others, but helping myself through this eludes me. Any suggestions?


28-02-2006 22:44:54

Hey On_Purpose,
I had similar symptoms to waht you are describing; they were frustrating to me and annoying to others. I went to a shrink about it, wow did that suck! I tried to explain some things I had been doing to help take the edge off and he gave me some real strong sedatives, all the while I had to function. The drug mix and match went on for about one year and but for the grace of God I stopped. Coldest turkey ever!! That's when the real head trippin started. Anyway, I think doing what your doing, talking to other people and sharing your experience, will help. Being honest with yourself about how much you can handle and realizing that you will never be given more than you CAN handle in one day. I hoped I stayed on topic, I do that sometimes.