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Emotional torture - a clarion call


09-08-2005 01:18:00

Hi everyone!

I just got off watching an Oprah episode where she investigates emotional torture and abuse in marriages. This got me thinking about the frequency of such torture not only in marriages but in a lot of relationships these days, be it friendships, child-parent relations and even working relationships. 99% of humans are on a negative track (and this probably includes me) I question how 'modern' our world is with all these conveniences. Are we actually making our lives more comfortable or even sane? Looks like most of us are insane already! D Looks like material comforts are still not bringing us the peace we are looking for. How can we keep ourselves from going further down into the spiral?

It's time to make others aware of this and be a clarion call to such abuse. Being more aware of this can help us tremendously and I'd like to help whoever I can! )

chris knight

09-08-2005 06:37:37

...99% of humans are on a negative track (and this probably includes me)

99% of humans are on a negative track?


What if you perceived that 99% of humans are on a positive track? How might this change your interactions with others?


btw, Loved your avatar!


12-08-2005 04:22:45

Hi Chris,

Thanks, I love the avatar too! The joy of the kid eating a jelly donut was too attractive to me!

Well, you have a point on thinking positive and I'm all for it. In fact, I try not to let 'failure' and 'bad things' get me down, but it's just weird that so many of us are paying attention to all the negative stuff that we never give proper credence and much-deserved attention to all the good things that are happening in our world.

It's like the Dalai Lama said a couple of years back when he said that newspapers highlight too much of the tragedies just to make a profit margin and though I know that it's sooo much more complicated than that, it comes to a point if we should really take anything seriously then.
After all everyone sees it as illusion anyway and is searching for inner truth and if this is the case, and illusion (exterior world that is) is supposed to reflect the state of our inner selves, then what's happening in our world today (given how much attention we pay to the negative) is a sign of what's going on in the inner soul psyche of the Universal Spirit, which is in chaos.

This being a direct reflection of the chaos in people's inner truth world. Of course, I'm so not right, neither am I wrong. Perhaps it's just an observation? I don't know. At this point, I could crack my head and try to give some of you a logical rationale behind the whole thing, but when I start 'thinking with my heart', I really don't know anything at all do I? lol


17-08-2005 14:47:03

Cute picture- Wish I could figure out how to do one myself.

You know stuff. You know that you feel abuse is wrong.
I have first hand knowledge, abuse IS wrong.
It is not a connection to source,it is ego run amock, and it is a painful thing to go through.
Having walked through the fire with my God and then come out on the other side, like iron, I know that good can come from anything- My life today doesn't resemble that time at all. As I grew more connected, people came into my life to show me love, to teach me about patience and goodness and everything that I feel is really real.
THAT is a reflection of the universe Jelly- That you can find or be led to the good in anything)
And you know that deep down as a child of God,somewhere you have an all knowing knowledge of that.

- Celia 8)