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I'm too available to help...


25-10-2004 20:16:01


I am in the Chicago Suburbs. If you are near me; I will come to you.
Please see my profile for contact information.

But don't worry, I'm sure Ron will be able to help find support in your area.
I still think of you every day, please know there are people who really care about you in this world.

Just remember;
"Intense pressure and long forgotten time creates DIAMONDS" -- CLP



26-10-2004 17:06:30

Thank you for warm energy. I live in Massachusetts next to Rhode Island. I printed affirmation pages. I have a lot of metaphysical knowledge and Dwyer knowledge. I not in myself that I'm eager to absorb knowledge of higher concepts quite easily but I don't put it t too practice. The universe is good at making sure you don't miss steps.

I'm going to watch my thoughts and make an effort to counter the negatives.