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You tell me, What is Love?

chris knight

27-05-2006 07:56:41

From an article, "You tell me What is love?" by Rashida Rawls

that his definition of love that he adapted from Dr. Wayne Dyer changed his life "The ability and willingness to allow those that you care for, to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you."


What is Love to you?

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27-05-2006 10:53:07

The best definition I have learned for LOVE is


Thank you for having this topic. I have been studying LOVE for years and continue the journey.

Del Jackson

27-05-2006 13:53:15

Love is having the time to care for the needs of people that become a part of your life. This may be short term and/or long term. Listen to them and help them to achieve their goals and also for you to reach your objectives. Appreciate them each hour and day of your relationship.


27-05-2006 17:04:07

Love is you and I... Love is everything that is around us. Love is not a "thing"... It is not bad or good... hot or cold... friendly or not...
Love is eternal and it is part of me ... it is a representation of our soul on earth... We are loving beings.
Much love to all


27-05-2006 19:32:32

I was inspired not too long ago by a quote I had read by Ghandi "Be the change you want to see in the world" to that I came up with my own quote "Be the love you want to recieve" I want my beloved to have the following qualities. Loving, kind, compassionate, healthy self-esteem, whole, well balanced, like and enjoy his own company, self confident, sincere, honest, respect himself and the list go's on. I have come to understand, I must myself be in vibrational alignmentment with those qualities I seek in another to attract them to myself. So I am as I type these words, "Becoming the Love I want to recieve". I now believe Love, is not looking outside myself for someone to complete or define what Love is for me. We are all, each of us, as unique as our finger prints. What I call Love, what makes my heart soar may make your wings feel clipped. Love has many faces and just as many expressions. For me it is more of a feeling then something I could put words to. I do know this "It feels good!"


29-05-2006 15:32:56

Everytime I see or hear Mr. Wayne Dyer talk- he inspires me. I believe he is a true to life angel among us.
I write poetry from time to time, and I inspire to be a great one. I have written a poem especially for Mr. Wayne Dyer, and my spirit directed me to have Mr. Dyer to "use" it any way he chooses.

It's called "We're All The Same"

"Underneath the colors of our skin, we're all the same...deep within."

Dr. Wayne Dyer, if you see this poem for "you", I want to thank you for changing my life. You're the best!

Sincerely, Dianna Sprenkle


30-05-2006 16:13:09

It strikes me odd that most people want to be totally accepted for what they are! whatever that means, no matter that they may have just performed an inappropriate action, behavior or attitude. Often when I speak to a friend about an inappropriate action, behavior or attitude. They often come back to me with why can't you just accept me for who I am? followed by well I'm not perfect you know.
I must say that I agree, it's true that we are not perfect and I'm sure we all agree that we learn by the mistakes we make.
Ok, try and follow me on this.
You are my friend and you want me to accept all of your behaviors attitudes and actions no matter how much I consider some of them to be inappropriate, and by my doing this you then can say that I love you unconditionally.
So then, one day we are at a social function and you perform one of these inappropriate behaviors, the host approaches you and asks you to leave. I being your friend leave with you. While we are walking away. You state how embarassed you are about being told in public about this behavior. I in turn tell you that I was aware of the problem but because I love you unconditionally I couldn't bring myself to tell you. Now you get angry and state "well if you were my friend you should have told me".

So stop it allready. True love is caring for another. Careing enough to offer a "critic" that an attitude, behavior or action can be seen to be inappropriate by me when you are with me and sometimes with and by others.
A "critic" is a gift from someone who cares. If they didn't care they wouldn't give you the time of day.
A "critic" is a gift, like any gift, you can choose to open and use it, keep it wrapped up and leave it on the shelf, or be insulted and trash it or throw it away.
The giver cannot take it back nor any longer owns it. So the giver should not critisize what you do with it. However it is your responsibility to thank the giver for caring enough to have offered it to you.
The rerceiver may disagree with the critic, however all he/she needs to say is " thank you for (your critic) I didn't think about it that way and I'll certainly look at what you've said.
Caring sometime comes through a kick in the pants.
Everyone needs to learn that behaviors are learned, either good or bad they are learned to cope with a given situation. If our behavior gets us through that situation it, (the behavior) becomes established and part of our defensive attitude. When a similiar situation comes up our defensive attitude drags out the old established behavior to be used again, even though the new situation is similiar, it is not exactly the same and so the learned behavior may come forward at an inappropriate time.
Love is caring enough for someone to be able to feel free to offer the gift of a "critic" without being penalized.
In order for love to exist, it, not only must be given, it must be received in the manner it is given, not in the manner it is wanted.