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letting go or contemplate what I want?


17-08-2006 11:17:46

Hi. I've been good friends and more than friends with a man for the past year. This man has many negative flaws and issues. After finding out the truth about his divorce I wrote him and told him I couldln't trust him. He hasn't contacted me. Even though he was selfish and moody and many more things, I am hurt he didn't contact me. I miss this person. (You all must think I'm nuts.) Anyway, as I read Wayne I think maybe if I contemplate this person contacting me it will happen. Can intention work in this way?

Thank you so much.


20-08-2006 21:40:44

Maybe think about why you want him to contact you. You know he isn't a positive part of your life and by you learning and becoming more aware of Spirit and intention you are not necessarily attracting negativity in your life anymore. Do you really want to invite that back?
One of my favourite quotes is "How people behave is their karma, how you react is yours."
You get to choose your reaction to his silence, isn't that great?


07-10-2006 19:48:28

I may be wrong but what I learned from Dyer and others regarding a person's free will- it is something we have no power over, and more so, "forcing" someone to do something (indirectly by our "contemplation/thoughts") would go against the laws of the Universe/God.

I came across a quote once (paraphrasing)- You can visualize anything you like, including the people you want to see in your life; you cannot however, control their actions in your visualizations.

But, the laws of the Universe aside, if you care about someone and are willing to deal with their flaws etc. and because love and forgiveness are key in being a more spiritual person...you can contact this guy and see how he is doing. You never know, he may just need a friend to turn to.