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20-04-2006 22:43:05

I was looking through some boxes of "stuff" and came across an article from FAMILY WEEKLY Magazine (it might have been a suppliment to a newpaper) from Oct 1978. Apparently when "Pulling Your Own Strings" was out. My aunt had cut it out and sent it to me, and I'd had it folded up, seen it now and then over the years, and even though it didn't say anything too new or profound I never threw it out. The paper is yellow and kind of hard to read, but the pictures are interesting.

My Aunt, who was one of those eccentric, old New England Yankee kind of person (who probably didn't need to read Wayne) had bought the book "Pulling Your Own Strings" and thought it was okay. BUT, I remember she didn't like the picture on it. Not sure if it was that book or one of the others (maybe "The Sky's the LImit"?) but I remember she bought the book and then made a cover for it out of a paper bag (like we used to in high school for our school books). Only because she felt Wayne was watching her. Like his eyes were following her, whenever she looked at the cover of the book. Not sure which book it was, but I remember one with a closeup of him on it, with penetrating, intense, clear eyes.

She didn't mean it in a bad way. She got a kick out of his line about God making only a few perfect heads, and covering the rest up with hair.

My aunt would have been 100 last May. She lived into her 90's and was blind the last years of her life (she lived along with a little household help that came in during the day)

Anyway, I scanned the pages, but it didn't come out clear enough to really read. Even when I made it bigger, the print just got blurrier.
Nothing really new, we don't already know. But, like I said, check out the pictures.


~ Carrie