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March 2006 Cover Article - Wayne Dyer

chris knight

01-03-2006 06:47:47

Chris & Janet Attwood interviewed Dr. Wayne Dyer and MVH for their March 2006 issue of Healthy Wealthy n Wise magazine.

Here's a small excerpt
"The truth is, Mark, I never have been there. Iíve been in circumstances where Iíve had very little. Iíve had difficulties with addictions in my life. I have eight children, so you can imagine that there have been lots of difficulties and struggles and joys and wonderful things that have happened.

But in my entire life, Iíve never known what it was like to be unemployed, because I just have never believed in that. I have always believed that I am connected to something called abundance and prosperity, and that Iím entitled to it and itís something that I think all the time. I believe that we become what we think about all day long.

I used to be known as the richest kid in the orphanage. I remember finding out, when I was about fouróthey used to have soda pop bottles and if you took them back, you got two cents for it. My eyes lit up when I found that out. I used to follow people around who were drinking a Coca-Cola and ask them, ďAs soon as youíre done with that, Iíll take it off your hands.Ē

I used to shovel peoplesí snow before I would even ask if they wanted it shoveled. I would go down to the grocery store and when ladies were taking their groceries out, I would just take the bags and help them out with it. Itís now 2006 and Iím still not collecting soda pop bottles and carrying out groceries; Iím just doing it on a larger scale."

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07-03-2006 12:53:02

You know I see Wayne Dyer on PBS all the time and obviously he is very successful but what I never hear him say is what philanthropy he is doing.
He seems to be selling very hard on PBS - it makes me a little uneasy sometimes.

chris knight

07-03-2006 14:00:39

Wayne *IS* a business man and a marketing genius, but I'm not sure he would ever admit it.

He deserves to earn or be paid for his time.

Think of it more as an 'energy exchange' if you will.

Don't you want to be paid for the energy that you share with others, thanks to the gifts that you've been given in this life?


22-11-2006 01:21:39

He is a very generous man. He said "for every dollar I make, I give away 9."
maybe if you write him, you can get tickets to his next event? I think it is worth every penny that I spend on his cds; the "10 secrets" cds were absolutely worth it.