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What is real? Dyer Mention on non physical form

chris knight

30-08-2005 20:23:12

Here's an excerpt from this article
What is real?
"As Wayne Dyer points out, what you see when you look in the mirror is only your physical form, it is not who you truly are. Who you are is that part that observes what it sees in the mirror, or out in the world, or in your dreams."


How difficult it is for us mere mortals to remember that we are more than physical form! - ) eh?

Servant of God

03-12-2005 06:36:52

Hi Cheekykid,I feel excactly as you do.When you are Awakened,you are also Awakened to the nonsense that surrounds us everyday.I have very few friends because of this reson.It is not that I spend time Judging them or think that I am better.It is that they spend time judging me and think they are beeter than me.My knidness is often mistaken for a weakness.Especialy where I live now.I am surrounded by alot of country bumpkins who are not very big fans of Muslims,whick I am.Never in my life have I experienced such racism since I moved from NY to VA.I try not to think about it most of the time and continue to be kind.But I have my days.I am only human.I noticed that most humans are takers and not givers.I do wish I met some more like minded people to laugh,joke maybe watch a movie or something.Or maybe even...Do I dare say.....Talk about spirituality!...Gasp shock lol So I can relate to what you are saying.Hey,look at this site even.Not that many people log on.I see the same names alot.You aka Cheekykid,Jfavis,Chris Knight,forever young and Jelly farm.Not many people when you think about it.And alot of the post are few and far between.Helloooo planet earth.Wake up!Peace,Kareem

forever young

06-12-2005 13:36:48

Hey SOG!

Sorry to hear about your situation. I can only imagine what being Muslim at this time and place in history has been like for you. I wish I could give you some insight here but at the moment I don't have any other than to keep the faith and be yourself. Lead by example. Some will accept you and some won't. Not much else you can do.
I wish you all the best of course and anytime you wanna talk you can PM me too!

As far as reaching certain conclusions and the effect it has on relationships; what I've found again the lead by example. Be love first and foremost. I don't have to go into a diatribe so to speak with everyone I meet. It just rubs others wrong anyway when they aren't ready. But I have been amazed that by "being love" and just naturally myself that it eventually leads to some very deep conversations! So without being pushy you end up getting into some very cool discussions. I think though that you can't veiw every situation as a chance to talk about spirituality. It evolves to that or it doesn't. Some are ready for the message and some sadly never will be. We must accept either case. It is what it is.
I've found that some people I've known for some time have had many similar experiences but haven't known how to approach it.
But just let it happen either way. Things will go as they are supposed to when you are on purpose.


15-12-2005 20:24:05

In life I have found that my own journey has lead to a distance between my self and those I have known all my life. I have come to accept this as a part of growth. But I stand firm in who I am today. If who I am today is not acceptable to anyone that is okay. Sometimes the roads do part.

Other times you are in such a place of peace and beauty others are more intrigued but what they see in you. Always you be the light in all circumstances.

Remeber always that we are ALL spiritual beings having a human experience not matter the disguise.


16-12-2005 12:47:43

We may be getting off the subject.

" You are not in the world,
the world is in you." DWD

We are not who we think we are. Get to where the witness or the observer IS !

Consciousness arises from awareness.

Don't be attached to fragmentation.


"Instituitionalized spirituality" Huston Smith


14-01-2006 10:48:38

Excellent post and insight cheekykid! I feel the same exact way too living in a dense and bustling city of Singapore where everybody is so concerned about money, even the government that it gets 'tough' to keep the peacy vibes going....How I deal with it is literally a second by second and minute to minute, hour by hour process of awareness but in the end...still 'tough' because I notice that once I'm alone or in a countryside atmosphere, the struggle to maintain this conscious awareness of being in the present is something that is almost on auto pilot. Happiness comes easier in less crowded, less competitive and suspicious surroundings....