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The Edge Interview with Dyer - on Afghanistan and US Hatred

chris knight

01-08-2005 06:39:56

Spiritual Solutions to Every Problem
The Edge Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer
by Phil Bolsta

One last question how can we look at the terrorist attacks on New York City and the situation in Afghanistan and find a spiritual solution to help us resolve this problem?

Dyer We have to recognize what the problem is. If you go back to 1775, everybody in America was told to hate the English. Thirty years later, we were allies with the British and we hated the French. Fifty years later, everybody in the South hated everybody in the North and everybody in the North hated everybody in the South. Forty years after that we were at war with Spain and now everyone in America bitterly hated the Spanish. And 20 years later, we hated the Germans, and 25 years later we hated the Japanese and then we hated the Russians for a very long time. And then the Iranians, the Iraqis and now it's the Taliban. The faces of who we're supposed to hate just keep changing.

See, the problem isn't who we hate. The problem is hatred itself. All of this stuff passes, but hatred is the lowest, slowest energy that human beings can live under. And when we have too much of it in the world, we begin to see that it becomes very, very, very destructive and then we react.

The problem with using force in our lives is that we always create a counterforce. For example, if you're with a child and the child says, "I hate you," which is a very low energy, and you respond with, "I hate you too," you have lowered the collective energy that you are both in, and both of you will be weakened. Whereas, if you respond to, "I hate you," with love, which is what, instinctively, we know what to do, then we can dissolve and dissipate that hatred.

Until we collectively learn how to respond to each other's hatreds with love -- which is what Jesus taught us, which is what Buddha came here to teach us, which is what Muhammad taught us, which is what all of the great spiritual masters who have ever walked among us who live at those highest energies taught us -- responding to force with more force will just create more problems. Ultimately, I think that is what we will learn. In the meantime, we have to look at the people who want to tear our buildings down as a cancer in a body called humanity and we have to isolate and remove those cancer cells.

One of the new ways they're learning to deal with cancer is that they surround the adjacent cells with high doses of very high energy through lasers and so on, and just the presence of that higher energy around those cancer cells has a tendency to dissolve it. It might be the cure for cancer we've been hoping for for so long. And that's what we have to do We have to isolate and remove those that would behave in these ways. But we also have to ask ourselves why we attract so much hatred in our world. Why does America attract so much hatred and how much of that are we putting out into the world? How much are we exporting violence? How many guns do we produce? How many nuclear weapons do we produce? What do we do with all of our wealth, and so on? Why aren't we better at exporting what good people we are rather than how different we are and how intolerant we are of the way other people are. That's what we have to look at. We have to look at it collectively.

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Excellent interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer... He raises more questions than answers, but it's clear that hatred is never the answer.

Your thoughts?


14-01-2006 19:18:04

I'm going to have to agree with this because it's all energy levels to begin with and given America's violent history (Dyer forgot to mention a 'cowboy' culture and mentality of using guns for 'protection') it's no wonder this hatred is steeped in great FEAR.

With the accumulation of power via violent means and not through honest, loving means, FEAR and HATRED follow very closely behind. It's not surprising that year after year America has a new enemy. This time I think for 2006 it'll be Iran.

Selling arms and creating 'wars' to maintain a greedy, inhumane defence industry to help America's economy is no way to support a nation. Neither is attacking a country like Iraq under the blanket excuse of 'eradicating terrorism' but really doing it for the oil.

FEAR is the root cause of all that the world is facing now. From it stems, jealousy, hatred, anger and all the other low, level energies that stem from the EGO.